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The first part of the domain name related knowledge, the introduction of the server, also often called the space, that is, the site data is actually saved.

1. General Introduction

According to the relevant provisions of the State, the domestic server space needs to be filed, that is, to the relevant institutions to register, specific methods can be found online. The domain name also has the record to say that the domestic domain name does not record may be disabled. Foreign domain names and servers, generally do not need to record. A major disadvantage of foreign servers is that the speed is generally slower than the domestic server, some even almost no speed.

(1) Build your own server

The server is actually a high-configuration computer, installed a suitable server operating system, installation of some server-related operating environment, such as Appache,php,tomcat.

If there are conditions, you can use high-performance computers to do the server, but usually requires a public network IP, in addition to server maintenance needs a lot of knowledge, especially security issues, I do not know. For some strong companies, can also do their own server.

(2) Free space

Generally we can apply for free server space, or rent someone else's server.

Free server space, such as Sina SAE, host House, Germany, etc., you can also search "free space" to find a lot of related websites. Like Sina SAE is a domestic host, but do not need to record, presumably because Sina himself has done this work.

Free space is often a good site for mandatory advertising, after all, space providers also need revenue sources. And the size of the server space, the server every month traffic, etc. are often limited. But if it's just as a study, it's completely enough.

(3) Charge space

The charge space is much better than that, after all, it's money. Charge space is generally charged on a monthly basis, there are certain restrictions, specific below.

2. Related knowledge and precautions

Paid server rental to pay attention to some of the following issues (free space should also pay attention to some, but after all, is free, bad demand too much).

(1) Standalone host and virtual host

Standalone host in other words, the server you use is a standalone server, only you use the resources of this server, and the provider is responsible for some maintenance of the server. In fact, the price of the host is quite high, only the company will be able to rent such a host, the General people do not need to do so. A virtual host is the division of multiple zones on a single host, and each user can use a subset of the hardware resources, such as memory, CPU, storage space, traffic, bandwidth, and so on. So now many websites are using the virtual host.

(2) Standalone IP and shared IP

Independent IP is worth your website has a unique IP address, shared IP is said that the same IP address, there may be multiple sites. The independent IP for the website, obviously is more advantageous, the different website does not have the influence completely, but still is the expense is higher. Generally speaking, sharing IP is enough.

(3) Number of independent sites (number of binding top-level domains), level two domain names

As I said earlier, for the same IP, you can have multiple websites. People with some network fundamentals know that when we enter a site domain name, the DNS server resolves the domain name to an IP address and then accesses the actual Web server through the IP address. But what about having multiple sites on the same IP?

In fact, the server and domain names are bound to each other, not the domain name pointing to the server IP. So when a different Web site on a server is bound to a different domain name, when a user request is received, the corresponding website is returned according to the domain name requested by the user.

In fact, the same IP is not only can put a number of independent sites, but also can put a number of sub-sites, such as Baidu Encyclopedia and Baidu know can be seen as a different site, they can not only be placed on the same server, can also be placed on different servers. For example, my site is:


And I set up a subdomain:


This sub-domain point is a Sina SAE set up a separate website, let students use to learn the site building.

So here, when buying space, we often see that support binding 5 separate domain names, 20 two-level domain names, similar to this one. In other words, to buy this host, we can make up to 5 sites, or have multiple domain names to the same site. At the same time can be a sub-site for 20 two-level domain names (two-level domain name should be under these 5 top-level domain names).

(4) Supported languages, environments, plugins, etc.: PHP, ASP, MySQL, WordPress, etc.

The content of the site can be produced in different platforms and languages, I will use WordPress for example Introduction. WordPress is very easy to use a website framework, the application is relatively extensive, not very large site with WordPress is enough. WordPress needs to have PHP language environment, MySQL database support, so need to pay attention to there is no this feature. If you speak directly to support WordPress, then don't worry about it.

(5) Server panel, operation mode, etc.: CPanel, Zpanel, SSH, FTP, online compression decompression

The server has a background operation interface, can be in the background to the site's files and so on to modify. Foreign host with more is the cpanel panel, there are many and functions, such as a button to install WordPress and so on. General charge space Support FTP, you can upload and download the website code and other files directly. Some servers also develop SSH functionality, that is, the Linux remote login (usually run Linux system server is more common, also have Windows), if the permissions are relatively large, fully self-installing a variety of environments, as with their own computer, of course, also need a strong practical operation ability.

(6) Various restrictions: flow limit, space limit, speed limit, traffic limit, function limit

The server generally restricts space, that is, the size of the hard disk, in addition to the CPU, memory also has a certain limit. For a site that is not very large, it is generally not considered too complicated. If the configuration is not enough, you can change the server or upgrade package. Monthly traffic will also have a limit, there are unlimited traffic. But some people on the internet said that unlimited traffic is not good, because for the entire server, traffic is limited, if not unlimited traffic, those consumption of traffic downloads, videos and other sites will consume most of the bandwidth and traffic, affecting other sites. There are space restrictions on access and functionality, and so on, generally the price is lower than the kind.

3. Purchase space

When GoDaddy buys space will send a free domain name, can save some money.

I bought a domain name, and then buy space, found unexpectedly send domain name, then feel a bit of a loss, and then have a free domain name.

GoDaddy This foreign space has a flaw, is the speed of domestic access is too slow. I started to buy GoDaddy's space, and then it was because it was too slow, so I returned, and changed the other space. So it is not recommended to buy GoDaddy space.

Later found that some sites do not use the traditional virtual hosting, but instead began using the VPS (Virtual Private server). Of course, the cost is also relatively high. More well-known VPS have Linode, etc., can refer to the following:


Linode is a company in the United States, only provide VPS services do not provide virtual hosting, and it seems to use the full SSD, with root access to SSH, but also to build their own VPN. Linode in Tokyo, Japan has a server room node, relatively speaking, speed is also relatively fast. See some online blogs on the Linode server. If you want to view a Web site server, you can use this site query:


But the direct purchase of Linode's package is more expensive, one months minimum of $10, for the small site is still too expensive, can only pay by credit card, for some people also a bit of trouble. At this point, we can buy through the level two dealer. That is, someone bought a linode host, and then split up to sell to the configuration needs are not high but want to have a faster speed of users, so that a better cost. For example this:


After purchasing the server and domain name, the next step is to configure, and then you can start to build the station.

Site build from scratch (ii) Server space

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