Site content is not perfect soso will be more difficult than Baidu

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Search engines have their own set of algorithms, each search engine for the site's collection and ranking is not the same, to Baidu and Google included as an example, we found that Google is generally included more than Baidu, for the rankings, Google attaches more importance to the quality of the article, an article as long as the content is good, there will be a good ranking, And Baidu often pay more attention to the overall weight of the site, the new station sometimes even if the article is the original high-quality articles, Baidu will not be included, this is Baidu and Google the two major search engines, some of the difference between the algorithms.

After saying Baidu and Google, the following said Soso, although in the domestic Soso may only be ranked in the fourth place, a site every day from Soso traffic is also very limited, but as a webmaster concern about the site included problems, even if the Soso also do not give up, today found their own station through 9 months of effort, Finally found the search is included:

And it takes a lot of energy to deal with it, just on line immediately submitted to the major search engines, submitted two months after the discovery of all search engines are included, only search is still 0, so in addition to the major Webmaster forum post for help, but also constantly with Soso product Manager feedback, and then constantly improve their own website, Again by submitting, repeatedly:


Through constant feedback, the Product manager clearly stipulates three requirements: 1 your Web page has a good user experience; 2 the server on which your Web page is located has good stability; 3 your Web page content is in full compliance with national laws and regulations. According to the exclusion of one of their own websites, feel the user experience this piece do not enough in place, because the beginning of the site content is not perfect, many columns or empty on the rush to the line, which led to the content of the site's vacancy, affect the user's browsing, through a few months of effort, basically each column content is beginning to enrich the So Soso began to be included.

In Webmaster forum questions found, many friends do not pay attention to Soso, think as long as a good Baidu on the line, but when a website grew up, the site has a good weight, good content, we will slowly find from the Soso flow is also a lot of, of course, we can not rule out the development trend of Soso; In search and answer can find a lot of Seoer originally asked his site why not be Soso included, now still not included, it can be sure that many seoer to this search engine do not attach much importance to.

Summary: A website content if not perfect, will hinder the collection of Soso, of course this is only search does not include a website one of the reasons. And once the search is not included, you will find to solve the problem of Soso than Baidu hundreds of times times, the need for continuous improvement of content, constant feedback, and constantly submit their own site can be slowly resolved. Article by Zeng (single game Download original, reproduced please indicate the source of the article, thank you.

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