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Introduction to the object:

Description: Object is a reference type, and a reference type is a data structure used to organize data and functionality together, such as var newObj = new Object (), which creates a new instance of the Object reference type, saved in NewObject, The constructor used is object, which defines the default properties and methods for the new object only.


Description: Although the object instance does not have much functionality, it is an ideal choice for storing and transmitting data in an application.

/* *  Create object Mode  *///  support construction Parameters Var newobj = new object ()//  Support parameterless construction without () var  newObj = new Object//  support for literal generation var newobj = {    //  key support without quotes, will automatically be converted to string     name:  "Li full",     // key support quotes, is automatically converted to string      ' age ':  25,    // key supports literal values and is automatically converted to strings      true: true,}console.log (NEWOBJ)/* *  Add attribute method  *///  commonly used in unknown property name newobj[' Name '] =  ' li full//  often =  ' Liu Jianjin '/* *  How to get properties when individually accessed  */var  name = newobj[' name ']console.log (name) var name = newobj.nameconsole.log (name)/*  *  Traverse All Properties  * */for (key in newobj) {    console.log (' key ->   '  + key,  ' val ->  '  + newobj[key])}/* *  Delete related properties    * */delete 

Note: An object can be passed as an argument to a function, and an object can carry countless attributes, so the preferred way to pass an optional parameter to a function is commonly used in real-world development

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Site front-end _javascript-basics. 0009.JavaScript Object Type

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