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Kitten believe that the Webmaster small partners are aware of the importance of the site outside the link to the rankings, every day in A5, webmaster nets, push A, search outside the site fortunately, the outside of the chain, looking at their site's ranking rise and fall, their hearts also follow the butterflies. Kitten here to remind you webmaster Small partners: Pay attention to the construction of the link outside the site also do not ignore the site link construction and play a role, both sides at the same time, your site will do better, webmaster small friends You said the kitten is right?

External links In most cases is not good control, and to go through a long period of accumulation will reach the effect, but the construction of the internal link is entirely in the webmaster small partners of their own mastery, why to give up the link in the station and to doom to do the outside link? Below the kitten to say several optimization of the link within the site method, For your reference:

Site Map

If possible, webmaster small partners or to their own website to build a complete site map (sitemap) bar, but also to the site Map link to the homepage of the site, so that the Niang is very convenient to find and crawl map. Some CMS systems do not generate their own site map files, may need to webmaster small partners to install some plug-ins.

  Do not have too many layers of articles

For small and medium-sized sites, to ensure that starting from the home page, after four clicks can reach any one page, of course, the less the number of clicks the better, with the previous said the use of the site map, this problem should not be very big. With the mathematical formula can be calculated, after four clicks can have millions of of the page, enough to use small and medium-sized enterprises.

Text navigation

The website navigation also uses the text link as far as possible, some sites like to use pictures or JS to do the Drop-down menu to do for navigation, but the best site optimization or text links, text links can make Niang smooth crawl, and through the site's text links can also understand the content of this column page, Can be described as more than one. If the site in order to beautiful have to use a picture link or JS code, then the kitten think at least at the bottom of the site or site map has all the text link of the column.

Link text

The above mentioned site navigation in the link text should accurately describe the content of the column page, so in the connection text will naturally appear keywords, but the kitten to remind everyone is not to connect the text here piling keywords. In the article in the essay to mention other Web content, it is natural to use anchor text linked to other pages, the reverse link in the keyword is also ranked one of the important factors, this site in their own can do without fear of being deleted by the moderator.

Weight transfer and flow of the whole station

The overall structure of the site is good, then the entire site's weight should be very uniform, the first page is the highest, column page second, the content is again. But sometimes also through the Web page links affect the transfer of weight, so that a page or a few pages of the weight of the increase, these pages are also the webmaster to focus on the promotion of the page.

Links to Web pages

A lot of webmaster small partners have said that the structure of the Web site, kitten here to remind you that the small partners, this tree-shaped structure of the site is not to say that the article under each column saw no link, the opposite is the page should be in different columns linked to other columns related pages, The whole site's links finally look like cobwebs. There are links between the trunk and the page.

Kitten Summary:

The above is the kitten now can think of the link building in the site of some small views, some friends will feel that the cat you say that we all know, even more than you know. What I want to say here is that all I know is that, and I'm willing to share it with you. It's my business, in the first article I have done a lot of the preparation of the brick, kitten just want to help more novice small partner faster growth, the old birds you let the kitten good, after all, Kitten's body is very weak, Unable to withstand the big God's brick hard pat! This article by the Chinese waterproof coating net original start, reprint please specify!

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