Site rankings are not stable do you really know why?

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(i) high-speed and stable server

Because the site has just started, not too much traffic, so I only use a more general space, just start feeling the speed is good, after all, not too many people to visit the site, but after two months or so, the site rankings significantly improved, the site's traffic also a lot, often occasionally the space will not open, When spiders can not crawl the content of the site when they visit, and I update the site at the same time found that the background is also a strong card, even snapshots occasionally will be back, but the ranking is still in, but I believe this is also a major factor in the decline in rankings, after all, such a site to the search engine is not very friendly impression. So I suggest you here Webmaster if it is to long-term development of the circumstances, must give their own site to choose a good space, VPS or server, lest in the subsequent time to create some unnecessary trouble.

(b) Changes to title titles of the website

Because my site to do the word is relatively hot, and the author at the same time, the Site Column page weight is also very good, many thousands of long tail keywords are in the Baidu home page, but I also found that my site too many columns are not reasonable use, At the same time also saw many of the old station changed title title, ranking is still very stable, so the author also sprouted the title of the change column of the idea, and a one-time change of two columns, then the situation is obvious, so here I suggest that we do not have special circumstances do not modify title title, Whether it is the homepage or column page, after all, our site weight is not comparable with the old station.

(iii) irregular updating of content

At the very beginning, the author like many stationmaster, formed a regular day around 8 o'clock in the morning will be on time to update the site, and the content of the release is seconds, this fully proves that there is a regular update site content can enhance the weight of the site, however, when the author of the webmaster rankings have improved, Maybe it's because of the restlessness, a little bit of money on the hand began to go out with friends everywhere to play, began to ignore the site, the occasional update site, occasionally a day or two days do not update the content of the site, a long time in addition to garbage space, the spider also began not crawling, the snapshot also naturally began abnormal. And then there are signs that the rankings slipped, this time the author began to try to save, so here I urge you to update the site at the same time must develop a habit, let search engines to understand, so long you will have unexpected harvest.

(iv) unstable outside the chain of waste

As we all know, a good ranking site stability behind the rankings must have a huge external chain network support. This is undeniable, especially the rise of the new station, in addition to optimization outside the station, outside the chain can not be doubted to achieve the ultimate, so I began a large number of to do outside the chain, regardless of quality blindly go to the pursuit of quantity, a short six months in the author's website from the chain number 0 to do 90,000, so huge outside the chain of support, the author's site rankings rise. Ranking soaring, however, as above, ranking after the promotion, began to play, the chain did not hair, because of the speed of the chain is too fast, many of the chain is very unstable, in the play that period of time I not only ignored the content of the update, and the chain is not published, so that the search engine updates, the chain loss of 40,000 of the phenomenon , this is also the ranking of a major factor, so here I urge you to do outside the chain, but also to do a good job outside the chain, remember that the outside of the chain is a potential hidden danger.

(e) Whether the friend chain is really "friendly"

I believe you webmaster know that friends chain is the most high-quality one of the chain. Site rankings and site before the weight of sharing plays a big role, so I believe that a lot of webmaster and the author of the same, every day in addition to update the site and release outside the chain, friendship Links is also essential work, the general friend chain stability in 30 or so best. The author's site is the same, but the author and a lot of webmaster like, once a good friend chain began to ignore it, a lot of friends chain site even if the right to drop, the situation of K, we do not know, resulting in the Web site is implicated, this is the most sad, in this ranking after the author also profoundly realized that this, Because in the check friend chain time I found many site snapshots slow, there are hair down the right, and even some have removed the friendship of my site, but I do not know, I believe that this is one of the main factors of my station decline, so you must not overlook the daily essential check outside the chain work.

Summary: In fact, for my website ranking slipped I do not feel wronged, because I was trying, but I did not stick to it, there are words "go backwards". That's what I belong to. But I from this site ranking decline in my profound understanding of the reason, I know the direction of my site in the future, so I have no regrets, and I believe that the restoration of the ranking work is also a learning process, but I still do not want you webmaster and I make the same mistake! Source: Network of agricultural talents

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