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Recently, Baidu big update, so many webmaster friends ranked all of a sudden dropped a lot or a direct site is punished, then if the ranking dropped, the site punishment, what do we do now? To turn sadness into strength, do the following points may be a small turnaround:

1, you have to check with your server on the other sites are cheating or a lot of spam sites, this should be a lot of webmaster know, this is a so-called joint punishment, if so, you have to consider the replacement of your server.

2, check whether your site is using the mete update, JS turn, if a site has a lot of turn, search engine will show very disgusted, so to remove these turn as soon as possible

3, is your site because of the optimization of multiple degrees? For example, what keyword stack, internal link is meaningful and anchor text over concentration? If so that will reduce the degree of optimization, to master the appropriate optimization is every webmaster must have the technology. So how to properly optimize, I will introduce in the next article

4, check your site is too much repetition of things, if a site from beginning to end of the content is based on plagiarism, then such a site is very likely to be punished, so we again and again to emphasize the original content.

5, check your robots.txt file, this need to use the Google Webmaster tools to verify that there are errors

6, bad links or suspicious links, this is very important, if you have bad luck, or there are many loopholes in the program can easily be many for commercial purposes and illegal intrusion of inexplicable wonderful links, this is a little. There are other suspicious links is: The exchange of links, the footer appears only for search engine preparation of the internal links, in the link factory trading links, the site itself a large number of cross links, and your site theme content is not related to a large number of export links and so on.

As long as these efforts to achieve and improve, I believe that the site will soon be a turnaround.

Finally with the majority of stationmaster share is: Do website success actually did not imagine so misery, the Ancients cloud: "Nothing, be afraid to have confidence!" This word is not false, as long as we seriously do one thing, which has the truth of the unsuccessful, but also wish those who because of the ranking and hardship webmaster friends to get the ideal ranking!

Hope that the vast number of webmaster friends have a small help, write the inadequacies of the place please forgive and advice! This article from the Fashion school chictime, URL:, reprint, please keep the link, thank you!

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