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Never before contacted SEO, in the company let me be responsible for SEO, immediately feel that the lack of knowledge reserves, fortunately their own initiative learning ability is also good, here to share this time a whole program and learning in the process of experience, is also regarded as the work of this period of time and learning summary, Share to be doing SEO and learning seo children's shoes.

 First, clear purpose:

Before you do anything, be clear about what you want to accomplish in this matter, as well as the purpose we often say. The narrow sense of the keyword goal is very simple-bring the flow (effective conversion-E-commerce company), the broad sense of the key words have many kinds of, summed up, respectively:

1, to ensure that the target keyword is consistent with the site target user needs.

If users want to buy clothes, online search the most fashionable women, through a similar trend of women this keyword can quickly find your site, complete the transformation behind.

2, effective choice of keywords, to avoid overheating competition.

Online search for men and women installed so many users, basically the hot keyword is not a high price PPC, is the site category A wide range of similar keyword heat, then you can choose to do more high-priced keyword bidding, but if you want to make it more cost-effective, effective choice of keywords, to avoid overheating competition is also a principle of choice of keywords ( Concrete analysis of specific circumstances, this is the general principle).

3. Find the key words that embody the unique resources or characteristics of the website.

What is a keyword is a word that is searched as the first user finds what he wants. When your site or platform can have some unique resources or characteristics of the time, may wish to put some of these characteristics can reflect the keywords; this is to bring effective traffic, such as star Resources.

4, look for new opportunities.

A word of righteousness, each word represents the meaning of the limited, you can use some keyword mining tools to dig out some of the potential of the vocabulary (PS: Do not underestimate these expansion words, may have unexpected harvest it).

Ii. Specific implementation steps

There is a purpose to be carried out, and execution is to be achieved by steps and rules in a step-by-step way. Summarize the following of their own choice of keyword implementation steps, (Specific situation specific analysis, my also not necessarily completely correct but can guarantee to have certain reference meaning hehe ~!) :

1. Sample Delineation

Choose to first brainstorm a sample of the crowd, a person's opinion biased, a department of opinion, although it can not guarantee a very comprehensive and objective, but relatively speaking not only to ensure the time cost, sample collection costs can be more effective to avoid subjective opinions.

The sample I selected is the company's operating department and a small part of PM, after the selection of the crowd samples, to start the sample brain STORM, thesaurus, the more rich, repetition rate of words become the validity of the keyword, the wider the scope of the choice, the greater the probability of effective; Operating department about 15 to 20 people, each provided 10 to 15 keywords, a total of about 170 keywords, from which the first extraction of 20, this part of the selection can be democratic choice according to the situation, repetition rate of choice, can also be based on the theme of the site to choose;

2. Data analysis

The core of the 20 key words have been selected, the next is to conduct a relatively objective data analysis, both to ensure that some of the most basic principles, but also reflect the uniqueness of site positioning.

Data parameters are basically set in the number of search results, intitle number, bidding number and average click Price, the first 10 pages, the local search volume (these parameters can be found in the online SEO query tools,), of course, if you are familiar with this part, you can customize some query parameters.

If you think that the above parameters are too abstract, you can set these parameters according to the weight of the specific value, such as the number of search results for 1 points, the number of bids for 2 points, through the calculation of a result parameters, sorted by size filter, and ultimately decide which keywords are placed on the first page of the

 Let me briefly share the meaning of these data parameters:

The number of search results indicates that the overall competition of the keyword, relative to 100,000 order of magnitude of the results of the lowest competition, in turn, increase the difficulty of competition, if it is tens words, this you understand.

Intitle: Home page title contains this keyword number of sites, these sites are with you the most direct competitors;

(Search this parameter, I expressed very embarrassed; I positioned a few of the characteristics of the site can be characterized by the keywords, the competition is very few, happy is no one competition, embarrassed that no one is competing keywords bring the flow is not very large; The reason is that the Web site's business model is more special, if properly or vigorously promoted, Should be able to bring good effective traffic and high quality users.

Some of the following parameters also basically verify the competitiveness of keywords and so on, to be free to grasp, flexible and solid.

In the objective of the digital analysis, I basically determined the first page to optimize the key words, but because it is a new station, decided to put some popular keywords, bring traffic (not edge, because through these keywords to bring the traffic must also be our users, so rest assured that the bold put up, that is, the number of keywords is a little more, Beyond the original plan, but does not affect the overall situation.

I have a flaw in my work. Is important must do well, oneself think not too important basically is more loose, this is my SEO process in a taboo, keyword optimization is also required details, after the Tang Sanzang children's shoes and teacher Joe's reminder, in the delivery of product technology there, Also made a specific page of keywords and title of the collation, but also more complete for the site's keywords for the search engine optimization.

Of course, the above mentioned is only a part of the keyword optimization, the completion of the key words, the next step is to carefully analyze the site traffic, through the keywords brought about by the flow analysis, keyword adjustment and depth optimization to achieve more conversion rate and effective flow; will continue to bring me the relevant study and work experience to share with you. (Author: Chen Guang reckons pen name: Floating wind)

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