Site SEO optimization often exist some of the misunderstanding of excessive optimization

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A lot of people do SEO optimization know that the title of the site keyword is ranked and the combination of the site's ranking effect played a very important role, due to lack of enough knowledge, as long as the site's title keyword rankings are not ideal on the modified, frequent changes. Think this can improve the site's keyword ranking effect. The results of the site was Baidu down the right or k, the key words not only did not get a good ranking, the reaction has dropped. This is because of the excessive optimization of the site by Baidu down the right or K station reasons.

Similarly, many SEO personnel know to improve the Site keyword ranking method there are many kinds, but the most effective most commonly used optimization ranking means to do outside the chain and often write original articles to quickly improve the site's keyword ranking effect. Increase the number of sites outside the chain is to ensure that the keywords of the site to a good ranking of the key factors, similarly, the site has been updated with some original content is also affecting the site keyword rankings are not to achieve good results of an important factor. However, it takes a lot of effort and time to improve the site's external chain and capture and write original content. Moreover, a single person is also limited time, so many SEO personnel through the release of a lot of information to improve the number of sites outside the chain, and a large number of people to collect the relevance or false original articles to populate the site content. Of course, in the beginning, Baidu search spiders will think to a large number of crawl your site content, a short time will improve the ranking of people's websites, but, for a long way down, your site also faced by Baidu down the right or the risk of K station is also big. In fact, like some news portal by Baidu down the right or K station things happen, is to collect too many articles and inferior quality of the chain number of reasons caused. If the SEO staff want to optimize their rankings of the site can be a long-term healthy development, hope that the site keyword ranking long-term stability of a good position, you have to go from the normal direction, master the formal method of step to do, ranking is needed a process, if you want to go up at once, I suggest this idea of SEO personnel directly to spend money to find hundred main work to promote, do not use black technology to optimize the ranking of the site, and finally make a bad, lend your money, finally see such a result why?

There is also a way to improve the Site keyword ranking method, that is, friendship connection, friendship connection can make the weight of the site within a short period of time to upgrade, so as to improve the results of the site rankings. But if the site is the new station weight is very low, to find the weight of high, and the number of the chain of many sites to do friends chain, people do not agree, how to do, I believe that there are many SEO personnel and webmaster will spend money to buy someone else's high-quality outside the chain to improve the results of This method is desirable, graduation is actually through the formal means to achieve the purpose of the site rankings. However, not every SEO personnel or webmaster will spend money to do with others outside the chain, I believe many people have ever thought, can be the site of their own address through the site hidden code technology to high weight, high collection, high outside the chain of the site up? This is also possible, This method is the hacker technology to illegally steal other people's Web server account, and then directly modify the network of small source files, secretly unknown to the Web site to add to the site. But it is also advisable to use this method properly, but it is not to say that you can rest easy. If the other party is understand the site technology, they found that the source code inside the site has not shown the URL to join in, immediately put it to delete. The author believes that if you want to improve the ranking of the site, it is best to pass all kinds of formal means to achieve it! After all, the temporary illegal means can not let the site keyword to get long-term good ranking effect.

Finally, I would like to tell SEO personnel, any type of site are the same, in doing Baidu optimization to promote the rankings must be done before the site, the internal task is to refer to the site itself in terms of the program and structural design and Web site design and other factors. First of all, a high user experience of the site is naturally worse than a user experience of the site to do optimization to optimize the promotion of more convenient, and the former ranking effect is higher than the latter, and the latter cost twice times the power may not compare with the former half of the effect. Therefore, the quality of the site is good or bad on the site to optimize the promotion of the rankings related to the inseparable impact. So, what is a quality and user experience of the site? I have mentioned in the previous articles that I would like to speak again. In this way I use the website success case to combine to say believe can let the reader understand clearly, do not understand can refer to success case to do. A site that counts as high quality and high user experience is critical to improving site rankings and increasing traffic. And the evaluation of a site is high quality and high user experience degree of the site is the key to see whether it is static Web sites or dynamically disguised as static and rewrite the Web site to facilitate the search for the content of the website, whether the site with DIV+CSS to the architecture. The site's page access speed is fluent, a site as long as the above mentioned three, the site is definitely called a high-quality high user experience degree of the site. We must remember, search spider is also a visitor, if a website quality is poor to even people do not want to click to open, search spiders How would like the people such a garbage station? Such a station to take rank, will only waste money! This website (http:// This station is for the search engine to build, is a high quality and user experience of the site, not too understand the friend can refer to these two stations) please help more than a netizen reprint, thank you!

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