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Let the vast number of SEO night can not sleep may not be the previous site construction, nor is the medium-term site to promote optimization, but the post-keyword ranking after how stable, is the so-called Jiangshan easy to defend! In the site is not ranked when we may not have too much pressure, on the contrary, we will be pledged, complacent, Because in the initial stage of website construction and promotion in the medium term we have not tasted the sweetness, naturally will not have too much pressure. However, when we finally optimized the keyword, but also from the ranking, the flow of relatively substantial benefits, we will hope that this benefit has continued, the home page of the throne do not want to be replaced by other sites, so it will produce a considerable. Just like the Emperor pampered habits, you want to let him when the palace is obviously unwilling, but 30 years Hedong 30 years of Hexi, you do not notice, Jiangshan will be changed to the surname. Similarly, SEO industry is also, if you do not pay attention to, then your home page ranking may have slipped, thousands of miles away. So if you can make the site ranking stability does not fall? The following excellent second-hand car network small series from 4 aspects to talk about, hope to the general webmaster a little help.

No.1 Web server;

In addition to the stability of the Web server to be safe, the reason to stabilize on the one hand is to avoid the Web site open slow impact on the user experience, on the other hand, to ensure that the site can be opened to ensure that the spider can be normal crawling. Neither the user nor the spider would like the Web sites that are slow to access or Zooey servers, perhaps a good temper user may switch to other pages and so on it after loading and then point out to read, but the spider is not the same, if you often appear in this situation, it will drop you this site included in the untrusted site, The results can be imagined that the snapshot of the abnormal, included down, the heavy is directly pulled hair K station. While ensuring the stability of the server, we also need to do a good job of server security, now the Internet is very competitive, of course, there are a lot of vicious competition, but also a lot of hackers, you a careless, the server was attacked, put on a pile of clutter outside the chain, ushered in the result is self-evident that the ranking was reduced inevitable.

 The qualitative of No.2 website;

We know that search engines don't like fickle, fickle, and often-revised websites. For those who often revision of the website, the search engine will give the corresponding punishment. But for users, a dust unchanged site, it will make it feel not fresh, boring. Between the user and the search engine, inevitably let us webmaster entanglements, but we are living in search engine under the eaves, have to bow. Therefore, we have no special need for revision of the situation, as far as possible not to be revised, of course, if the later development of the old customers have enough you use, or well-known out, you do not need search engine rankings, then you can focus on the user experience. But remember, if you still need a search engine, then please follow the rules set by it------------Mo!

 No.3 the content of the website;

In those large sites with high weights, we can find that there are abundant resources, no matter what fresh content we can be the first time in those sites to see, because there are high quality content so spiders crawling high frequency, so that the article can also be a second, this is what we want to pursue the content of freshness and quality. We want to ensure that our site rankings must ensure that every day to update the contents of the station, to ensure that the station has fresh content for users and spiders to read, that will usher in the favor of spiders, will increase the spider's access rate! And only rich content for spiders to enjoy, to make the ranking stable.

No.4 the external chain of the website;

All said that the chain and content is complementary, indispensable, is all right. Just do a good job in the station content ignore chain this piece is not to achieve the greatest effect, in ensuring that the contents of the update station, we must also adhere to the chain! Do outside the chain mainly from 2 aspects, on the one hand, from the major websites, blogs, forums, questions and answers net release of pure text outside the chain, anchor text outside the chain; On the other hand, with some of the high weight of the same industry website contact links, but whether it is other sites hair chain or exchange links are to remember Ningquewulan, we must pay attention to quality. The chain is a double-edged sword to do a good job to ensure that the site ranking up, do not say the rankings may even be pulled hair. But in any case, if you want to ensure that the site rankings, outside the chain construction is to be done for a long time!

Summary: For other, the author does not do more explanations, the main is to understand some of the day-to-day maintenance work. More of the time still rely on their own consciousness and adherence to the heart, do not because the site has a certain ranking will be lost in that regardless of the truth, I believe we all understand, so no matter how long the old station, the weight of the site should be a new station to treat, perseverance can usher in the final success. This article by the excellent and excellent second-hand car network contributions! Reprint please keep the source! Not very grateful!!!

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