Six aspects of the competitor survey

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Competitor investigation can let us know our opponent situation clearly, to our own website strategy designation has direct influence, this article according to own experience to explain how to carry on the competitor investigation in detail.

1, look at the search rankings: first, from the search engine to see the search results show the total number of eligible pages, under normal circumstances, your site want to have a good future development, must be more than the top ranked competitors. In addition, also want to pay attention to which websites are reported by the news media, which are more well-known sites, which are offline traditional enterprises?

2, analysis of the main opponents of the site: This aspect mainly includes the opponent PR value, snapshot update, domain name age, included in the number, external links and categories included in the catalogue. Website PR More than 5 words is a strong competitor; snapshot daily updates that the site has a good weight, the domain name of the age of the site accumulated trust and customer base will be more, included a large number of the site is larger (except the garbage station); Strong external links to explain the marketing effect is good, beyond the difficulty; By the mainstream classification catalogue contains many of the high quality of the site, so, look at the basic situation of competitors can let us grasp the promotion strategy as a whole.

3, direct access to the opponent's website: through the visit can intuitively determine its overall design, ease of use, customer positive, can probably see the strength of competitors. In addition, you can give a reference to their own website, to see where the opponents site to do very good, there is a place where we are worth studying, what do not perfect, we do to overcome these problems.

4, the number of bids: Whether in Baidu or Google, directly to see how many of the number of bids can reflect the competitiveness of the keyword, if there are more than 5 of the bidding advertising on the industry is more intense competition, if only one or two then we do not have to worry too much. If the number of bids is too high, we can not position to bid words as the key words, because even if the hard to do up rankings will not have too much traffic.

5, estimate the enemy site traffic: Accurate estimates of traffic we can hardly make statistics, but from the Alexa,google tool probably judge the flow of the site. Alexa for small site estimates are not very accurate, especially the daily IP 1000 below the site, and Google Trends for traffic statistics may be more suitable for us, its statistics are generally from the network access ISP data, so very valuable reference.

6, professional Popular forum: Each industry will generally have a more authoritative popular forum, you can enter the observation of competitors are members of the discussion, and search brand name to see if you can find relevant results, if an opponent is often talked about, then show that his popularity is very good, has been a very powerful service provider.

All right, today's article describes in detail how to study competitors from 6 aspects, in the actual combat we will generally make analysis, may not be strictly in accordance with a certain step to do, but these thinking and patterns may be often used, learned the analysis, learned to improve themselves, hope webmaster friends can extrapolate, Apply more theories to your own practice. This article is temporarily here, and then continue to share other knowledge, welcome and I exchange, this article from the Hero Toy, URL:, also welcome reprint, reprint, please retain the copyright, thank you!

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