Six major differences between web design and graphic design concepts

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1. Design concept is not the same

The core of graphic design is brand. It should be the brand as the starting point to design, to the visual 100% embodies the charm of the brand. And the core of Web design is the user. The purpose of the site is to communicate with the user 100%, is to achieve some specific features, which is somewhat like software on the computer. Then web design is actually a UI design, that is, the so-called interface design, to the user's operating habits as the starting point to design, in other words, to design a human, so that users use more aspects, a long time to stare at the Web page does not feel tired. This is why many portals to use white as the main color of the page, because the white watch for a long time will not cause eye fatigue, and bright colors look long will be sleepy eyes!

2. Different Color application

Graphic design can use thousands of colors, in other words, you can use all the colors, but the web design is not good! Web Design provides 240 security colors, which means that only the 240 colors can be used to make the page more beautiful and more compatible.

3. Design requirements are not the same

Web design is not only in the design, more is to consider the opening speed of web pages, compatibility and so on. So sometimes we have to sacrifice beauty in order to take care of these special requirements. We often see web portals are a lot of text, this is actually to reduce the opening time of the page. Korea's website likes to use a lot of pictures, FLASH, that is because South Korea's network bandwidth of the world's second, it has that condition to a large number of the realization of visual Impact! And the current China is not!

4. The difference between Internet advertising and website

is a lot of people think to do the site is very gorgeous, very fun. In fact, these people are to do the Web site and do online advertising to get confused. We usually see many brands of websites, very gorgeous, very fun, and even very creative. But don't forget, that's actually an online ad, though it's a web site on the surface. The purpose of Internet advertising is the same as other ads for the promotion of brand image, introduction of product features and so on. But the site is not the same, a site is to achieve some specific functions, that is, the site is to function > beautiful, and network advertising is to be more beautiful than function.

5. Graphics are not used in the same way

Graphic planning than web design rich, the embodiment of the method is also diversified, especially on the Product class web design, modular planning ideas more significant, in the visual embodiment is also so, plane on the embodiment of the graphic is not needed to think about the completion of the late, at one point is well-known. In terms of the scale units we use in our planning, plane planning uses the concept of physical scale when using scale, such as inches, centimeters, millimeters, and the pixel used by the page.

6. The use of words is not the same

We usually in the planning process, graphic planning of the font to choose more comfortable, do not worry about the completion of the question, the end of all the text will output for graphics printing, and web design needs to think more all, and in the selection of the font is also very small, in order to make the output of the size of the server to create pressure, According to the characteristics of HTML, all fonts are based on user operating system acquiescence in the font, of course, in recent years with the evolution of skills and development, this distance is gradually decreasing, the current through the HTML5 API to complete the use of personalized fonts without the need to personalize the end of the font output as graphics, In not adding back-end pressure together, greatly enhance the user experience, very praise.

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