Six optimization techniques of Google adsense and analysis of the reasons for its being sealed

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Six optimization techniques of Google adsense and analysis of the reasons for its being sealed
1, do not let Internet users delayed

Many people like to use the location layout to allow users to delay the hit, the result is the user point after the return immediately, to bring you the result is the price of a line drop;

Under the same conditions, the more users are willing to click on the ads, the more you can bring a higher income;

The number of clicks is not the key, the quality of each click is the key.

2, the best unit is always 336x280

I have tried almost every size, I found that this size is the highest click rate, 300x250 is also good.

Placement Method Recommended:

1, surrounded by the text;

2, put in the text behind, the reader is likely to read the text after reading more relevant content, if the match is good, here the click Rate will be very high.

3, the forum can also have a good income

As long as you do:

1, remove some superfluous things, such as a large number of users on the left of the title, Avatar, points, and so on, leaving only a publisher's username, link to his personal data;

4, I think the best way to color

The title of the advertisement is consistent with the title of the webpage article, and the #0000ff effect is better;

Introduction text, URL address all set to light (such as #88888;

The border, the background is needless to say, and the background color of the page is consistent.

5, do the content, improve the matching

Let your page more than 80% content and the theme, the better the match, the higher the unit price.

Do not too much pursuit of the page beautiful, a variety of background pictures, Falsh can not do not, the simpler the better the code.

6, each section of the theme to be single-minded, irrigation nature of the forum do not put Ggad ads;

7, advertising placement: recommended the first floor (the main post) below, put a 336x280. Don't put it anywhere else, if it's too small, just put one under the last floor.

8, the less the advertising unit the better

Recommend each page only in the first screen the best place to put an ad, too many advertising units, very affected the unit price, but also affect the cleanliness of the page.

First of all, Google was sealed the reason for the analysis
The official version of Google's is that it has a lot of vulgar content. Of course, the official crackdown on vulgar content is in line with the requirements of a harmonious society, understandable. But why is the seal is, not Baidu Chinese? Baidu inside the vulgar content is not less than Google. To search, a lot, and Baidu's own products-Baidu stick a mess. I think there's something fishy about it. Sealing off more likely to be a political factor. In fact, vulgar content is not as anti-government content for the official. because as a global brand, as the search technology leader, its manual intervention than Baidu much smaller. On the machine algorithm results, some words are unavoidable in the search results. It's more just from a technical standpoint. Baidu's manual intervention may be in the handling of some sensitive words more in line with the official standards, but at the same time it also gives Baidu an unfair competition umbrella, in order to adjust their own interests at random results. The authorities have not yet sealed off the, probably because the quake caused by the earthquake is too big. But today, blocked Google's products, so many netizens can not accept. The official meaning is obviously to increase the intensity of pressure on Google, according to its meaning to adjust the algorithm to increase the strength of manual review. Lenovo's latest green dam product and record-keeping regulation. Official regulation of the Internet is becoming more and more stringent, because the internet is characterized by unlimited transmission. The internet has sparked an unprecedented awareness of people's political participation, and it is an important point beyond the official control. The harmonious society with Chinese characteristics is a strong harmony from the top, which is not to violate the essence of harmony and we do not discuss it in depth.
Again Google was blocked by the solution
No better solution, with foreign agent IP on the
Last event expected
History shows that the turtle is stronger than turtles, the incident must be according to official requirements to change. As for the interests of the acquisition side, Baidu has been more use, the official to achieve the purpose of monitoring

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