Six principles of hard drive repair

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Six principles of hard drive repair:

1. Multiple tests and less practices. When you have a hammer in your hand, everything looks like a nail. Some people have learned a disk repair command and want to use this command to try whatever problem they encounter. If all the methods have been used up and the hard disk has not been repaired, it will be useless. It may also complicate simple problems. Therefore, we need to perform more tests to check the failure of the hard disk before repairing the disk, and then use the corresponding methods to fix the fault. Finally, we need to check the hard disk changes after the repair, gradually accumulate experience, so that the disk repair method will accumulate more and more.

2. Minimum Modification Principle. The hard disk solution is to modify the encryption flag, rather than clearing the password. The method to fix the defect table is to verify the data bit, and the defect table is not cleared. Try to maintain the original data of the firmware. No matter what data is modified, you must be aware of it. In this way, we can stay awake. It won't get worse and worse.

3. Principle of returning to the grass. It is a principle to be a human, but it cannot be done in hard drive repair. When repairing a hard disk, always think about whether you can eat it. After creating an instruction, always think about whether the hard disk can return to the status before the instruction. Therefore, we need to back up more data and think more about the operation steps. We do not need to leave a data recovery person with the regret of damaging the data.

4. Fix the principles. Disk repair often begins to think about where the hard disk is broken and how to fix the bad part. This leads to the wrong idea. Before you fix a disk, You Need To troubleshoot what you think is good. Hard Disks are composed of various modules, each of which is an independent function. Fix the modules you think are good. In this case, the fault point can be found more accurately. This is especially important for data recovery.

5. Discard the principle. It is wrong to say What disk is to be repaired, just like the new one. No one can surpass the new disk through the repaired hard disk. Once a person has a wound, the scar will be left behind and cannot be the same as before. Therefore, do not think about how good the disk is to be repaired. There is no better choice but optimization. Do not compete with a hard disk. If it cannot be repaired, give up. It can only be like this.

6. Enlightening principles. The principle of inspiration is actually the general principle of disk repair. Other principles serve this principle. All the operations on disk repair should be enlightening to us. After all, disk repair is a highly intelligent task. Without creative thinking, it is hard to fix hard drives with powerful imagination. If you are challenged and not for the benefit, come on. After all, the bad disk is there.

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Six principles of hard drive repair

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