Skilled linux Basic Command Daquan

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Tags disk usage
Date display time
Who views the users of the login system
Who am I view my information
The echo output is displayed to the screen
Cat Display file contents
LS list file list
CP Replication
Wc-l number of lines-C bytes-W words
RM Delete
PWD Displays the current path
CD Change work Path
mkdir Creating a Directory
RmDir Deleting a directory
Rm-r deleting files in directories and directories
ln hard Links
Ln-s Soft Links

Output redirection
> Append Output
Cut cut data from a file
Paset ' Combine multiple lines
SED has been censored and checked
Lscup Viewing CPU hardware information
Free-h Viewing memory information
Fdisk-l Disk Partitioning
Df-h disk usage
md5sum MD5 Value
Hostname Host Name
Ifconfig IP Address
Cat/etc/redhat-release Linux Version
Uname-r kernel version
Date-u show UTC time

Skilled linux Basic Command Daquan

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