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This method, I think, has been used for 1, 2 years, I hope to have the need of netizens useful.

the so-called session cookie, is the platform after you log in successfully sent a cookie, indicating that you have passed the verification, but unlike the general cookie, he does not exist on your hard drive, that is to say:

after you leave the browser, it will disappear, meaning: The next time you open the browser, and then enter this station, this cookie has disappeared.

So, how do you make this cookie work forever? Say it's forever too long

let's do it for 50 years .

Set Win=external.menuarguments

s = Win.documents.cookie

for each I in Split (s, "; ")

Documents.cookie = i & "; Expires=thu, 1 2099 0:0:0 UTC "


The principle is simple: Read the session cookie and then put his expire date,

after more than 10 years, it's so simple.

with the benefit of this?

1. Some platforms, with the session cookie, so you can only use IE download, and can not use FlashGet catch (because FlashGet can't grasp the session cookie), use this program, you can break these platforms directly with FlashGet, Nettransport catch.

2. Such as Holio platform, login, run once, and then you can be free of login, do not need to verify, directly into the Web page, (aging, see ASP session, usually about 1 days)

3. Crack some simple website, such as softking (have unregistered, can query only three times, otherwise want to turn off the browser again unreasonable limit) in softking, run once, then the cookie record is always check,softview=1. That is to say, No matter how many times you query, the cookie value sent out is always 1, which causes the browsing limit to be canceled.

4. Login forum, the forum is not enough to save cookies long time? Add yourself to 50.

5. Crack the front door that needs to be manually typed into the GIF number you see on the screen (manually input once, save cookies, brute force hack)

Okay, so how do you run this program?

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