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As we mentioned above, in order to make the article more convincing, inserting a picture for illustration is a common method. Then, insert a large number of pictures, occupy a lot of clip art space, and more pictures from the network, the steps to insert the picture is also very complex, the following small series to tell everyone small coup.

In fact, the WPS Office 2009 version of the search data plugin is just such a network of unlimited resources and clip art library functions of a new function.

  WPS Plugin

1. Install the Plugin

Open WPS Text 2009, click menu Tools, select Plug-in platform, and open the Plug-in platform window. Click to switch to the recommended Plugins tab to see a list of recommended plug-ins listed in the window, followed by the words "Installed" after the installed plugin entry. Plugins that are not installed like "Look up the data" or "Look up the word" will display an "Install" button when the click is selected. Here we select the "Look Up" plug-in items, click on the display of the "Install" button, will show the download installation progress bar, such as progress bar after the plugin also downloaded installation completed.

2. Insert Picture

Open the edited document with WPS Text 2009, and click the "Look in" icon on the Plugins toolbar to display the Look up pane. Enter the name of the image you want to look up in the input box on the upper side of the pane, for example: mouse, you can find a large number of mouse pictures and display thumbnails of the pictures when you confirm the carriage return.

The "Look up" pane looks just like the clip Art Gallery, and the image inserts the same way you just click the picture you want to insert into the current document. Does this look like a web version of the Clip art Library? In addition, there is a Web site under each picture thumbnail, click this URL can also directly in the browser open the page of the picture, further find related pictures.

If you already have a picture-related name in the document you're editing, there's a more convenient way to look at the data. All you have to do is drag in the document you're editing to select the text associated with the Find picture. Right-click to select "Search Data" from the shortcut menu, WPS will directly copy the selected text into the "Look up" pane of the input box and automatically select the text content to search out the picture.

It said that the search data is the integration of network resources and clip art library functions, mainly for operational aspects, not to say that the search data plug-ins can only be used to insert pictures. In fact, the search data Plug-ins can also find documents and Web pages, in the input keyword after searching, just click the "document" in the input box to switch to find the document status, the found document information can also be directly clicked in the WPS text to open the edit. In addition, there are "teaching resources", "Industry Analysis" and "academic materials" on the side of the data window.

The above is the WPS text in the use of Plug-ins, the Unlimited network resources and clip art features combined. Not only can edit the picture more quickly, but also can reduce the space of clip art, kill both birds. The above tips, hope to be helpful to you.

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