Skillfully use WPS Mobile version of the combination function rounded to retain two decimal places

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Usually using WPS Mobile version of the table, found that in the statistical data process, in many cases to be rounded to the decimal point two decimal digits. Rounding is not possible with cell formatting. In the WPS mobile version, to automatically round the numbers, you need to use the Round function, which is the formula: Round (number, num_digits), which returns a value that is rounded by the specified digits. Let's study together.

A MO opens a profit tab, four departments of product sales profit has been listed. below to introduce how to use the WPS Mobile version to get average profit, and the average profit value to automatically rounded to two decimal places.

In fact, a mo as long as the round function to apply the average average function on it. After you double-click the F3 cell in the table, click the "T" small in the upper-right corner and pop the WPS Mobile version of the keyboard.

Point WPS Mobile version of the keyboard "F (X)" button, into the "math and triangle" function list, find and select the round function. Then switch to the "Common functions" list, select the average function to apply it to the round function.

Select cells in the first, second, third and four sectors, and drag it to the function, from the figure can be seen here, Mo B3, C3, D3 and E3 filled in, confirmed the correct point on the keyboard on the return, at this time WPS mobile version of the F3 cell to calculate the average profit value, and automatically rounded to the last two decimal places.

After you get the average of F3 cells, just slide the WPS Mobile version of the menu navigation bar to the left and click the Fill button and select drag Fill.

Finger down the virtual arrow down, then Mo found that all the cells in the table are the average profit, and the WPS Mobile version of their values are automatically rounded to two decimal places, such an operation is not very convenient?

Overall comments: Through a mo explanation, we should understand how to use the round function. In fact, in the statistical data, we often have the result of automatic four homes five people to the last two decimal places, and WPS Mobile version just realize this function, not only Excel table production function is powerful, good at using the built-in rich function formula, will enhance office efficiency.

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