Skillfully using Jinshan words to paint the sunrise

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The picture is a magnificent picture of "Sunrise", if I say this picture is drawn with Jinshan text, do you believe it? Don't believe it! Then let me draw it together!

1. Start Jinshan Text 2003 (other version please follow the operation), create a new blank document, perform the "File → page Setup" command, open the Page Setup dialog box, switch to the Paper Type tab, select the "Landscape" option, and make sure to return. Then click the Drop-down button to the right of the Standard toolbar proportions option, and in the Drop-down menu that appears, select the page height option to have the entire page fully displayed in the editing area for subsequent painting.

2. Execute "view → toolbar → graphics" command, expand the Graphics toolbar

3. Click the "Rectangle" button on the Graphics toolbar, when the mouse becomes a fine cross line, hold down the left mouse button on the page drag, draw a page about four-fifths of the rectangle, resize, with the page left, top and right three sides aligned.

4. Select the rectangle above, perform the Format Object Properties command, open the Rectangle Properties dialog box, and under the Edge Endpoints tab, set the Edge style type to blank.

5. Switch to the Fill Shadow tab, select the Fill option, and then press the Drop-down button on the right side of the background color, and then select the gradient Fill option in the Drop-down menu that appears, and open the Set Background dialog box. Select the two-color gradient option, and set color 1 to light orange, color 2 to white, orientation to landscape, bottom up, and OK to return to it. "". "

6. Click the ellipse button on the Graphics toolbar, and then hold down the SHIFT key while the hold down the left mouse button on the page to drag, draw a suitable size of the "circle", and imitate the above 4, 52 steps, the "Edge style" set to "empty line", the gradient is set to "red" and "gold" ; Adjust the size and position to the appropriate position on the screen.

7. Imitate the above 4, 5 steps of operation, draw the sea surface.

8. Click the Polygon button on the Graphics toolbar, press and hold the left mouse button on the page slowly depicted, painted in the style of the cloud, on the page to draw an irregular polygon, and its edge set to "empty line", the fill color set to "white" or light gray.

Repeat this step (or take a copy of the method), draw a different shape of clouds, and navigate to the appropriate position of the screen.

9. Use the "multiline text" button on the text box or graphics toolbar to add captions and closings to the screen.

10. Click the Select button on the Standard toolbar. While holding down the SHIFT key, click the object with the mouse, select all the objects, and then right-click, and in the shortcut menu that pops up, select the combination combination option to combine the above objects into a whole.

At this point, the Sunrise works completed.

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