Skillfully using PowerPoint2003 to create animation effect

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When working with PowerPoint, sometimes to emphasize an object, you need to flash it on the screen a few times. Remember before, we often need to copy the object multiple after overlap, and then set the animation effect can be implemented. In PowerPoint2003, there are two ways to blink an object:

Method 1: Select the object, and click Add Effect/Enter/blink once in the Custom animation pane to add a flicker effect to the object once. But the disadvantage of this animation effect is that when the animation is finished, the object will disappear from the screen.

Method 2: Select the object, click Add Effect/accent/blink In the Custom Animation pane, you can add a flicker effect to an object by using this method to freely define the number of flashes in the timing option (Figure 1), and after the flashing effect has been demonstrated, The object does not disappear from the screen like Method 1. But this approach also has a small drawback, that the object will appear on the screen in the beginning, rather than the usual to demonstrate animation effects.

How do I get the blink of an object in PowerPoint to meet our requirements, which is not to appear on the screen at first, when clicked, the object starts blinking, and then it remains on the screen? We can make full use of the Synchronized animation features of PowerPoint, and here's how to implement it:

1. Select the current object, click Add Effect/Enter/other effects, find the appearance effect, and press OK to close the dialog box.

2. Continue clicking Add effect/accent/blink To add a blinking effect to it. Now we can see in the Custom Animation pane that the object has added two animation effects, select timings on the right side of the second effect (Figure 2), and in the Flashing Options dialog box that appears, set start to before (default is click), and repeat to "3" ( Can be set according to your own needs, as shown in Figure 3, after setting up, press "OK" to exit.

Playing slides, you can see that the flashing animations are already meeting our requirements.

Synchronization animation features must be implemented in the above version of PowerPoint XP. Make full use of this function, can let a variety of animation effects synchronized demo, so as to create a strong animation effect. If you are interested, you might as well try.

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