Skillfully using WPS to rotate the text box to make the seal line

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The friends who have studied on the test paper on the seal line will not be unfamiliar with it, and on the job, some enterprises in order to protect the confidentiality of documents, also usually use the seal line. So what should the seal line do in WPS? The following small series tells everyone to make the seal line fast and good skills.

1th Step: Enter text

From the view → toolbar to activate the Graphics tool, and then call the single line of text tool, hold down the left mouse button on the page to drag out of the rectangular box, input text, the content is generally "examinee answer must not exceed this seal line", and then set the required font, font size and other formats.

2nd step: Draw the seal line

The seal line can be done using the line tool in the Graphics tool, and note that you should hold down the SHIFT key while drawing the line, otherwise the line may not be straight and it looks less beautiful.

3rd Step: Group objects

Click the rightmost selection button on the Standard toolbar, hold down the left mouse button to select all the objects you just created, and then combine the above objects from the right-click menu by selecting the combination → group command.

Step 4th: Rotate the grouped objects

Right-click the Group object, select Object Properties from the shortcut menu, open the dialog box shown in Figure 1, and switch to the Location Dimensions tab.

Figure 1 Dimension Setup

Type 90 in the Rotate box so that you can rotate the grouped object 90 degrees counterclockwise, and then adjust to the appropriate position. If you feel that the length of the two-line seal is too short, you can first decompose the grouped objects and lengthen them appropriately.

Finally, we also need to let the seal line appear on each page of the paper. To do this, right-click the Group object and select the layout position → on every page from the shortcut menu to ensure that there is a uniform test head on the left side of each page of the quiz paper, and the final effect is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Final effect

The above is in the WPS text to make a sealed line of the whole process, in which the text box to rotate the size of the right to do oh. With the above method, no matter whether the production of test paper seal line or confidential documents, can be quickly and good production. I hope I can be of some help to you.

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