Skills for communicating with models during Photography

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The following are some skills for communicating with models during photography:

1. How to observe whether the image is tense?

Even if they are looking forward to shooting, most people will feel nervous when being taken, which will affect the direct effect of the photo. When we find that the person who is being photographed often keeps moving his or her hands or legs and licking his lips, it means the person is very nervous. At this time, the photographer should find a way to help them relax.

2. Do not give verbal instructions only. You should demonstrate them in person.

Inexperienced people are nervous because they do not know what to do. When standing in front of the camera, you tell him "the action is natural". In fact, they don't know what you want them to do. Even if they do, they only pose an unnatural posture.

Therefore, telling the other party what to do is actually not helpful to the nervous person. But when you demonstrate it in person, it is easy for others to imitate it. It can not only help the person to relax, but also get the desired effect more quickly. This method is no problem for children. Just like a simulated game, they will soon play with you.

3. Take control of the overall situation as a leader, even if you are not

From the moment you meet the person you are going to be photographed, the most important thing is to show confidence so that the person can trust you.

This may be difficult for new users, because photographers have to think about a lot of things: camera settings, composition, lighting, background, etc... But think about it. If you are shooting yourself, the photographer will just adjust the equipment and press the shutter silently, and you don't think he knows what to do, who will feel a lot of pressure and overwhelmed?

The person to whom you are taken must know that you are the dominant party and that you want to take any photos and that everything is going smoothly. Therefore, even if you are pretending to be a good player, you must maintain communication with the person you are taking, you can chat with them, tell them what you want to do, or show that this is a common task. Don't worry if they ignore you. Sometimes, the other party is curious about the equipment on the photographer's hand, but does not dare to ask. Chat is also a way to help them relax.

When shooting portraits, the photographer can try to find the best angle of view of the person to be taken, tell the other person "the action is just good", and set the hand to look good ", and so on, to guide them to set the appropriate action. Sometimes some actions are not natural in practice, but the shooting effect will be very good. You can also take a picture, correct the action, and then take a picture. Let me see the difference, in this way, they will have a concept. What kind of action/expression is better and what kind of posture cannot be done.

Because many people do not have the experience in the face of the camera, they may not necessarily go to the relevant materials for reference before taking the photo, so the photographer can also look at the various shooting posture teaching, when shooting portraits, then you can guide the person to be taken.


The above is the content carefully collected by yijucheng. I hope it will be helpful to those who are new to photography.


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