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Sky Cloud Star Database (hereinafter referred to as: SCSDB) is a distributed database system developed by Shenzhen Hanyun Technology Co., Ltd., which is based on data storage, query analysis and mining for mass data structure.

The design goal is to make up for the shortcomings of traditional distributed non-relational database in relational query and the theory of traditional relational database in dealing with massive data, the limitation of realization and the problem of solving the Data Warehouse analysis inflexible.

It uses the class SQL language to manage, has the similar oracle, MySQL and so on traditional relational database's easy operation characteristic, its distributed technology architecture also provides the good horizontal scale ability and the high speed parallel I/O (input and output), the fast computation ability.

Product Advantages:

1, high-performance:SCSDB adopts large cluster architecture, distributed storage for data auto-sharding to meet the demand of massive data storage

2, High reliability: the use of the central design, no single point of Reliance, and automatically complete the data in multi-node synchronous replication backup, so that in any one service

The database service can automatically switch to other server nodes, the service does not stop, the data is not lost.

3. Virtualization: Scsdb The integration of all server resources into a large-scale database system, Sky Cloud Star will be able to scsdb this super-scale entity

It needs to be divided into several virtual scsdb, which can be used to allocate database resources and improve resource utilization.

4, High scalability: Each node is independent, increasing the number of library storage capabilities, data concurrency access performance, write performance, and data by adding servers

Query Analysis Performance

5. Perfect supporting tools: provide complete data migration tools and performance testing tools.

Data Migration Tool (SCSDB-ETL): Is the SCSDB supporting data extraction software, the implementation of traditional data (Oracle,mysql,hadoop, text files) into the scsdb.

Cluster Monitoring system: used by system administrators to view the status of various services, components, and data node hardware resources throughout the database cluster.

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Sky Cloud Star Database

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