Sliverlight: compositiontarget. Rendering Problems

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In sliverlight, if a user-defined control (such as mycontrol. XAML) registers a compositiontarget. Rendering event (equivalent to enter_frame in flash, triggered when each frame is entered), it then usesCodeNote the following two details during dynamic addition:

1. After the mycontrol instance is new, if it is not added to mainpage. in the root container of XAML, its corresponding compositiontarget. rendering events are not triggered (this is different from flash. In flash, enter_frame will run immediately no matter whether it is added to the display list)


2. Remove compositiontarget. for rendering events, C # does not provide the removeeventlistener function similar to as3. XAML. remove the compositiontarget of the mycontrol instance from CS. rendering events can only be manually stored in mycontrol. XAML. CS defines a public method similar to stop (), with compositiontarget. rendering-=... release the event response, and then mainpage. XAML. similar to _ mycontrol in CS. stop. (Note: In sliverlight, even if the developer sets the mycontrol instance to invisible or removes removechild from the root window, its compositiontarget. rendering is still running on the back end (the same is true for flash), which affects performance. Therefore, we recommend that you eliminate compositiontarget when you do not need it. rendering Event Response)

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