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Single lens reflex (SLR) is the most popular single lens reflex system.
In this system, the exclusive design of the mirror and Prism allows the photographer to directly observe the images through the lens from the viewfinder. The structure diagram of a single-lens reflective camera shows that after the light passes through the lens to the mirror, it is reflected to the above focal screen and formed into an image, through the mesh and Prism, we can see the outside scenes in the observation window. When shooting, when you press the shutter button, the mirror will pop up, the shutter curtain in front of the soft film will be opened at the same time, through the lens light (image) will be projected to the soft film to make the film photosensitive, then the mirror will immediately restore to its original state, and the image can be seen again in the observation window. This structure of a single-lens reflective camera determines that it is completely shot through the lens focus, it can make the image in the observation window and the film always the same, the range of the camera is basically the same as the actual shooting range, eliminating the parallax of the Side-axis camera. From the perspective of learning photography, It is very helpful for visual framing.
As the entire imaging system (focus and shooting) is a single lens, there is no parallax. That is to say, the scene and the image are consistent! Traditional machines are mostly used for off-axis scenes !! Secondly, because an imaging system is used as a lens, the coordinated response is faster than the normal camera. Therefore, the single reflector is better at shooting high-speed objects! (Not because of the slowness of the camera, the single-camera uses a lens to form a different photography system. For example, you can change the wide angle mirror, lengthen the lens, add a color film, or use a micro-distance camera! To meet your different needs! You will not miss the beautiful scenery because of limited camera lens!
Last but not least, since the single-host is mostly made of pure natural crystal or fluorite polished lenses, the price is much higher than the average glass and plastic lenses. Some even use an Ultrasonic Motor Adjusting lens, which is smaller than mechanical vibration, and some have their own anti-shake patents (such as Canon's EF series lens) in particular, the red line of the Canon EF series lens is the so-called pure natural fluorite lens expensive one lens between 3-5 million.
A single-lens digital camera is a digital reflex camera. It is short for digital, single-camera, lens, and reflex. Representative Models in the market are common in Nikon, Sony, Canon, Pentax, and Fuji. This type of camera is generally large and heavy.
Models that use the electronic viewfinder EVF are also classified as slrs, but are generally added with "similar", or with EVF, such as Olin.
Bath C-2100UZ, Fuji finepix 6900 and so on.
In the operating system of a digital SLR camera, after the light passes through the lens to the mirror, it is reflected to the front-facing screen and formed into an image, and is connected to the yundun and the prism through, we can see the outside scenes in the observation window. Phase
Yes. Generally, a digital camera can only view the image through an LCD screen or an electronic viewfinder (EVF. Obviously, the images you directly see are more conducive to shooting than the images you see through processing.
A major feature of a digital SLR camera is that it can exchange lenses of different specifications. This is a natural advantage of a SLR camera and is incomparable to an ordinary digital camera.
In addition, slr digital cameras are now positioned in the high-end products of digital cameras, so in the area of photosensitive elements (CCD or CMOS) related to the quality of digital cameras, the area of a digital SLR camera is much larger than that of a General digital camera, which makes the photosensitive area of each pixel of a digital SLR camera much larger than that of a General digital camera, therefore, each pixel can show a more detailed brightness and color range, so that the quality of a digital SLR camera is significantly higher than that of a General digital camera.
To put it simply, a digital SLR camera is not suitable for any user. First, you must have the necessary professional knowledge. Second, you must use a digital SLR camera with different models, this is likely to make the lens cost higher than the cost of purchasing a digital camera.
In addition, when traveling, the camera group with the weight is much higher than a normal camera, will become a serious burden on the travel process. In addition, the digital SLR camera will expose the photosensitive elements directly to the air when changing the lens. Therefore, you must pay attention to the camera maintenance when using the camera. Therefore, although the quality of a digital SLR camera is higher, and the current price is also reduced a lot, it is not suitable for all users, users still need to choose as needed when buying.


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