"Small and big"-Xiaoyao Game 1-Chuang Tzu nanhua (miss Nan huaijin)

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Reference: Teacher Nan huaijin's "Chuang Tzu nanhua"


There is a fish in the north, and its name is ghost. I don't know how many miles it is. The name is Peng.

The back of pengzhi may not know how many miles it is. If it is angry, its wings will go down to the cloud. If it is a bird, the shipping will migrate to the south. Nether, Tianchi.

Those who are in Qi harmony, and those who are in strange spirits. The words of the harmony said: pengzhi migrated to the south, and the water hit three thousand miles, Yi Fu shake and the upper 90 thousand miles. The person who sent the message on January 1, June.

Wild Horse, dust. The creature is blowing together.


Here we mainly write about the big fish of the North Ming Dynasty, which can be converted into a very big Peng. Then Chuang Tzu thought that you would not believe it and proved it by the book Qi harmonic.

Finally, write the biological information. The essence of life is "interest ". It is mainly to repair this "interest ". The conversion of fish into Peng is also due to the role of interest. The "interest" of fish reaches a certain level, and naturally becomes Peng, which means that there is a meaning of quantitative change to qualitative change.

What is this "interest? Miss Nan thinks it is "Angry ". I feel a little "yes.


Many people think that Chuang Tzu's writing is false. When we were a child, we did not think it was true. In our individual realm, no fish will be materialized into Peng. The following describes the basis for his writing.


The sky is vast, and its color is evil? Is it far away from being evil? It can also be ignored.

And the accumulation of water is not thick, the boat is also powerless. When a cup of water is covered above the bucket, the mustard will be the boat; when the cup is set, the glue will be applied, and the water will be shallow and the boat will be large.

The accumulation of the wind is not thick, then its negative wings are also powerless. So 90 thousand miles, then wind is down. Then it is the current training; bear the Qingtian and Mo's neighborhood, and then it is the southern part of the map.

Ti áo and Xue Xiaozhi said, "I decided to fly up and stop the gun, but it was not necessary to control the land, why is it 90 thousand miles from South China?"

Suitable for shile, three meals and the opposite, the abdomen is still really good; suitable for the hundred miles, the grain; suitable for a thousand miles, March. What do insects know! Kochi is less than Kochi. Why?

Chao Yi does not know, Hu xiaog Yu does not know spring and autumn, this small year also. The southern part of the city of Chu has the spirit of the theme. The age of five hundred is spring, and the age of five hundred is autumn. The age of eight thousand is spring and the age of eight thousand is autumn. But now, Peng zuai has heard of me for a long time. Is it sad for everyone?

Tang Zhizhi's query is also done. The north of the poor hair, there are those in the sea, Tianchi also. The name of a hacker who has a history of thousands of miles and does not know how to fix it is called a hacker. There is a bird's nest, its name is Peng, back If Taishan, wings if the clouds of the sky; Yi Fu shake the horn of the goat and the upper 90 thousand, the cloud, the negative Qingtian, and then south, and appropriate to the south. Comment (yà n) with a smile: "He is also appropriate? I jumped up, but it was just a few miles away. And he is also appropriate ?" This is a big debate.


First, Chuang Tzu asked us some questions. Is the sky a true color? Is innocence far from reaching the limit? From the sky, do you think the same is true? This allows us to rethink our realm.

Then, Chuang Tzu went on to talk about Peng's flight to this kind of sky. Peng's realm is different.

Here is an example of water and boat. If the water is not thick, the boat is powerless. Well-known things.

The wind is not thick, nor can it. "So 90 thousand miles, then wind will go down. Then it is the current training; bear the Qingtian and don't worry, then it is the current graph South "wrote Dapeng how to figure south.

"When (tiáo) and Xue Xiaozhi said:" I decided to fly, and the gun was not enough, but it was just a matter of control, why is it 90 thousand miles from South China? ". Some may ask questions. Can I fly slowly? However, in this way, tiáo and are not capable of flying slowly. Just as you walk, people make space flights, and people can leave the earth. You cannot leave.

"Chao Yi does not know, Hu weig Yu does not know about spring and autumn. This is also a small year. The southern part of the city of Chu has the spirit of the theme. The age of five hundred is spring, and the age of five hundred is autumn. The age of eight thousand is spring and the age of eight thousand is autumn. But Peng zuai once heard of me for a long time today. Isn't it sad for everyone ?" So the realm is different. We can only see the realm that is more difficult than ours, but we cannot experience it, so there will be a small debate.

How can we have the same realm as or higher than that of Dapeng? There are big fish in the sea and Dapeng in the sky, but there are many other small creatures in the sea and many other small birds in the sky. Is Dapeng's realm a very high realm or a happy realm? A big fish can become a big fish. It requires external conditions such as the sea and requires a high interest on its own. Dapeng can become Dapeng. It requires an external condition like the sky, and its interest is high. For a person, you have to have a good platform and have a high interest.

The above describes some different realms of biology. Next time, let's talk about the difference in human realm.


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