Small and medium enterprise OpenStack Private Cloud Deployment "16.3 Windows Server2008 R2 only C-disk partition mirror Production"

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only the C-disk partition is mirrored because it automatically expands when a VM is created or the size of a cloud host's hard disk is resized. No manual intervention requiredrefer to Http://'s inspiration make the image on CentOS 6.7, the original physical machine host 坱 to install KVM-related software:Yum Groupinstall Virtualization "Virtualization Client"-yYum Install libvirt libguestfs-tools qemu virt-manager virt-viewer qemu-kvm virt-install bridge-utils-yService LIBVIRTD Startchkconfig LIBVIRTD on material hascn_windows_server_2008_r2_standard_enterprise_datacenter_and_web_with_sp1_x64_dvd_617598. Download on ISO------itellyou.cnVirtio-win-0.1-81.iso-------Baidu to find the download upload to the/home directory on the physical machine      to create a mirrored hard disk filecd/mnt/sdf1/win2k8/qemu-img create-f qcow2 win2k8.qcow2 40G  Create a virtual machine virt-install--connect qemu:///system--VIRT-TYPE=KVM \--name win2k8--ram 4096--vcpus 2--arch=x86_64 \--network bridge=kvmbr0,model=virtio \--disk/mnt/sdf1/win2k8/win2k8.qcow2,format=qcow2,device=disk,bus=virtio \--cdrom/home/cn_windows_server_2008_r2_standard_enterprise_datacenter_and_web_with_sp1_x64_dvd_617598.iso \ --disk=/home/virtio-win-0.1-81.iso,device=cdrom,perms=ro \--graphics spice,listen= qxl--channel spicevmc \--os-type windows--os-variant win2k8  install Spice Client on local Win7 (download link, Linux system can be installed under GUI interface Virt-viewerwhen the installation is complete, run the Remote viewerI downloaded the latest version of MSI. After installing on the Win7 computer, virsh domdisplay win2k8 on the springboard physical machine to see the spice port number used by this virtual machine is 5900Create a new link on your computer's client

after connection 

we installed the Enterprise Edition, because the Enterprise version of the CPU and memory support to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, the standard version of the CPU data support is only 4 too few, Enterprise Edition can support 8 CPUs. Just right we have this enterprise version of the key, choose (fully installed) the way with the desktop, if only the core version, you can only tap the cmd command line, even the graphical interface is not.  

go to this step, select Custom 

Manual Load Driver 

The system needs to install two drivers, a network card, a hard disk, as we have just started mirroring on the springboard physical machine, two blocks of CDROM have been hung. Where Virtio-win-0.1-81_bak.iso is used to install the two drivers.

because the Server2008 version was released with Win7, we chose the Win7 Drive folder to

To install both drivers, just select one, and the next step is to install it automatically .then go back to the browsing interface and go to CDROM. Select the next driver installationThe second driver is a hard drive, and after installation, you can read the hard drive.  

no longer install the driver, we will click here to install the operating system, until the completion, there will be a window interrupt, regardless of it, because it will try to restart when installing Windows, if it does not understand the restart, we on the physical machine, the virtual machine boot# Virsh Start win2k8r2then just re-connect VNC on your own computer to continue to see

  will eventually see the system prompts us to set a administrator password, I set the venic8888* 

   after the image is launched, it automatically opens the window 

the two things we need to do on our first mission are1. Turn on the remote connection on the machine

2. Activate the product key.  

the hand of the MAK key, there is a drawback, is that we are excited now, it will register the local "computer name" + Key binding upload to the Microsoft server, in the future when our new image package upload to OpenStack, re-create the virtual machine, our "Computer name" will be named after our OpenStack name, the result is that the current key is inconsistent with the future, the key will be invalidated.  of course, we have to buy a lot of R2 Enterprise version of the key, you can choose not to register the key in the mirror, and so on after the virtual machine to register, or to buy a number of machines can register a secret key can also, that is also convenient,of course, if you are just testing, we can use the method once and for all.  that is to use the third-party activation tool on the Internet, but the third-party registration tool must be infringing, not recommended, but the personal intranet test, or can experiment, its key and MAK key is not the same, The current virtual machine's secret key will be valid for permanent use along with the virtual machine with OpenStack new name. The following will be posted for your reference, I use the network shared folders, from other machines pulled to the mirror of the virtual machine, such as recorded, the left of the two tools, one is the activation tool (this in Win7 ghost disk is self-contained, called Windows loader), This directly can be permanently activated

 after activation

don't reboot first, then reboot later 

 According to the truth, the activation of this image can actually be packaged upload openstack use, but it will not automatically expand the hard disk drive C, nor automatically help to modify the network card MAC address (multiple identical MAC address of the virtual machine is unable to communicate) So, we need to install cloudbase-init This tool so that OpenStack can control it metedata, interact with it, implement the key to inject the administrator account, and expand the cloud host (the size of our C drive), etc.Docker official online Document---Image production guidelines, there is a link to download, I also think of ways to download and upload through the shared folder, installation, first all the way to the next

 to this place, it means: we make it this tool, can generate a manager called admin, it also in the Administrator user group, can enter VNC through COM1

the next step is to start the installation.  Once the installation is complete, here are two checkboxes, and I'll explain if you tick,Cloudbase-init will initialize this image, and we'll have to reset the admin password, activate the key and do some other settings like open remote connection when OpenStack starts the virtual machine, (if you have enough keys, Or the activation tool is always available, you can tick it, we do not tick here, the purpose is to save the key we have just registered. Finish the finished finish directly.  

 then we can remove the two tools on the left, empty the Recycle Bin, restart the computer, and let the key activate .after restarting the system, we will power off the machine again.   Next compress the imageqemu-img convert-c-p-o qcow2/mnt/sdf1/win2k8/win2k8.qcow2/mnt/sdf1/win2k8/win2k8r2.qcow2  upload to controller and import mirror  glance image-create--name "win2k8r2" \--file win2k8r2.qcow2 \--disk-format qcow2--container-format bare \--visibility Public--progress  since we initially did not initialize the image in Cloudbase-init, the first time we created the virtual machine instance in dashboard, it will automatically restart 1 times in 1 minutes, to modify the hostname, and to restart after 2 minutes to generate another administrator account + Reset the network card physical information ( can see this action from the VNC interface. This is the cost of preserving the registration-free key action without initialization. If you have not seen another account login interface, it is that you accidentally logged in, interrupted its automatic restart, you need to manually restart the virtual machine.

Small and medium enterprise OpenStack Private Cloud Deployment "16.3 Windows Server2008 R2 only C-disk partition mirror Production"

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