Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise lan vpn access networking

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This article provides a comprehensive explanation of LAN networking. During VPN networking for small and medium-sized enterprises, we will encounter many setup problems. Here we will introduce you to a configuration scheme for LAN formation, A diagram is provided to describe the Entire networking process in detail.

After setting up the Internet network on the Router, you can establish a VPN dial-up connection to the ADSL Router to achieve the VPN connection of the entire LAN.

1. VPN connection Configuration 

Return to the home page, as shown in the ADSL Router configuration)

Select "VPN and Remote Access Setup" VPN and Remote dial-up Access configuration) to set the VPN.

Select "Remote Access Contorl Setup" in Figure VPN settings to go to figure VPN Remote Access control protocol;

In Figure VPN remote access control protocol, the protocol that needs to be started during the VPN connection start, the LAN-to-lan vpn connection can use PPTP, IPSEC, L2TP and other protocols, all selected protocols are available. Click "OK" to return to graph VPN connection management,

Click "LAN-to-LAN Dialer Profile Setup" in Figure VPN connection management to go to figure VPN configuration.

Figure VPN connection management lists the VPN conditions of the LAN connection. Multiple VPN connections can be made on the ADSL Router at the same time to achieve interconnection between several LAN networks. Click "1" under the INDEX to enter the figure VPN configuration. In the figure VPN configuration, the first step is to name the connection, profile name is: ciecc, select "Enable the profile", because the LAN is connected to the Internet, you do not need to provide other people to access the internal LAN, so select "Dial-Out" in the "Call Direction" option ". In "Dial-Out Settings", enter the user name and password, and the IP address of the LAN to be connected.

Enter the account and password. The server address is *. 250. In "Type of Server I am calling", select the protocol used for VPN connection. Here, select "PPTP ".

In, "Dial-in Settings" does not need to be set. Here is the Settings provided for external access to the enterprise LAN. Set the Network for remote access in "TCP/IP Network Settings", mainly the IP address and Network mask.

2. VPN connection management 

Go back to figure VPN settings and click "VPN Connection Management" to go to figure VPN Connection Management

In the drop-down box under "Dial-out Tool", select the created VPN connection and click "Dial" to connect to the VPN. After the connection is successful, the established connection is displayed. If you want to terminate the VPN connection, click "Drop ".

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