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Do not give yourself any excuses. Many people suffer from repeated failures because they are constantly looking for excuses to anesthesia themselves.

I never think that half an hour is a trivial period of time. The way to complete the work is to cherish every minute.

Believe that things will have a turning point, as long as you believe things will have a special plane, as long as you continue to struggle in an optimistic attitude, success will not be far from you.

In reality, it is often not difficult for us to accomplish things halfway, but because we feel that success is far away from us. To be exact, we do not give up because of failure, it fails because of burnout.

I thought about the problem for three minutes. "There are many things that I think are right. Once I perform a field test, I will find hundreds of errors. Therefore, I don't feel very positive about anything. Instead, I have to make a trade-off ".

People who take the initiative to work and are considered famous overnight have actually worked hard for a long time before they become famous.

Don't worry about small things. There are many bad things in your life. However, people should not indulge in their worries. Instead, they should adjust their mentality as soon as possible and take positive actions to change their lives.

Actively communicate with the boss. Active communication with the boss will, on the one hand, promote the boss's understanding of you, and on the other hand, make the boss feel that you respect him. When the opportunity comes, the boss will naturally think of you first.

Take the initiative to do what the boss has not explained, in the modern workplace, there are two kinds of people can never succeed: one is to do what the boss has told, another kind of person is doing something that the boss cannot tell.

Don't worry about your friends. Everyone has their own unique advantages. Therefore, when making friends, you should not care about the gaps between them. You must treat each other with sincerity and learn from each other.

Do not justify your mistakes. If a person makes a mistake, the best way to handle it is to honestly identify the mistake, rather than defending himself. This is the virtue of being a person and the highest knowledge of doing things.

Every five minutes of reflection, the mother named "failed" is not necessarily a child named "successful" unless she can find the father named "reflected" first.

When talking about topics of interest to the other party, there is no memory where there is no interest.

Praise should be specific and innovative. I can live a full life for two months by commenting only one word of praise.

To grasp the details of the conversation with the leaders, 15% of a person's success depends on ability and 85% on interpersonal relationship.

Leave room at any time, leave room for others, and leave room for defects. In fact, leave room for yourself.

Low profile. Being a person with a low profile is the fortune of your life. It allows you to stay awake and avoid hostility from others, thus creating a good environment for your success.

Do not let the "non-ability" factor defeat you. The failure of many people is not due to lack of ability, but to something beyond ability.

Learn new things forever, and keep them clean. This old saying can also be used in the increase of human intelligence. Only by constantly learning new things at work can you maintain a smart mind and keep up with the pace of the times.

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