Small energy companion Old intelligent Machine: Why father no longer watch TV

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Once upon a while, we had forgotten the song that my mother loved to hum, the war film that my father loved to watch. I do not know when, parents can only at home at home to see the boring TV, children have time to call their parents two or three sentences will be finished. Young people go out, work to study, the needs of the old people are largely ignored by us, we eliminated the smart machine, idle broadband, they are not enjoy.

They do not need these, but they are afraid to use them instead of wasting, we teach them over and over again, and forget tomorrow. My father came in from the 50 's, I eliminated the mobile phone also has a smart machine, but he still insisted on using Nokia's non-intelligent machine, small screen texting is inconvenient. He likes to watch movies of anti-Japanese war, "fronts" and so on, but it's not necessarily on TV.

until I met the small can accompany the old intelligent machine, a look will be, the font size, see Clearly, the voice is big, listen to see. The large-size and easy-to-use icons are designed for the elderly with a number of practical functions. To father used, he put it down, I think this is the most suitable for the old man's smart machine.

10.1 inch of wide viewing angle screen, the system interface is a long table, the background is the ancient city wall with tile eaves, call is the old-fashioned turntable telephone, watching video is the old antenna TV icons, albums, radios are placed on the length of desk. The walls are hung with widgets such as calendar and clock weather, which are easy to understand.

and built-in language assistant, do not need to press, shout small can small can! can start voice search, that is, the use of dialects can accurately identify their needs, so that parents feel confident to surf the internet.

Small can be accompanied by a full boot, personalized display. detailed and intimate live version of the use of instructions, each page is set to help small video, children download the app, on-call online customer service and child Remote Assistance.
Download the app, anytime, anywhere, pick up the phone and mom and dad video calls, a key direct, in a different place but the mind together, instantly share the photos of the phone to parents, Let parents see the little grandson healthy growth, look at the children's work and life status, let happiness instantaneous transmission.

Let small can accompany them to relive the fiery years, but also take them to see health programs, practice health exercise, practice square dance.

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Small energy companion Old intelligent Machine: Why father no longer watch TV

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