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The hair is long and you have to get a haircut. I heard from my friends that the store was good, so I ran to get a haircut. The clerk asked me how much I paid for it? I feel uncomfortable,Hairdressers should not focus on money first, but on how to keep their hair intact.. I think your face style looks good. We have several references and services to help you become more handsome. Which one do you like? Here, we are also penetrating sales psychology,As a service provider, we should seek benefits from the customer's perspective and satisfy our customers, so as to achieve a win-win situation and attract regular customers and broader potential users.It is our goal to win more sales orders and earn more revenue, but we can't catch a single customer, so we can get it done and be clever. For a long time,It is the truth to stabilize the customer base, increase brand value, and grasp potential users.

I still said with a try: I want 30 yuan, the store manager cut. I asked the manager what is the difference between the cut and the ordinary cut of 15 yuan. He said that the cut is good, and you will know it later. In this way, the customer's psychology is also grasped. Some customers are trying your service for the first time. Their purpose is very clear, that is, they require high-quality services, if you say that you can fully meet their needs, the customer will be very happy and willing to try your product. In the software field, products are generally divided into basic edition, advanced edition, or even domestic edition. The customer does not understand the difference. The opportunity comes.Customers must have their own needs to ask about the product. If we say the difference between the common version and the domestic version is vague, the customer will have a point of view that the common version is sufficient and cost-effective, this affects sales revenue. But how can we appropriately extend the differences and draw them to a level, then customers may be moved by us and try our most expensive service, the license version.

The manager got a haircut. It was very excited at the beginning, because the manager must be the best. This actually illustrates the truth. Customer representatives come to negotiate and try out the product. If we send a common developer or sales staff to depend on the customer, this will make the customer feel dishonest, not respected.If we send managers or directors to serve our customers, they will feel flattered and have more opportunities to buy our products.

the store manager will be finished soon, ask me if I want to blow it? I just cut it. Why is it so fast? No wax, no styling? Massage seems to be a patent of Shenzhen service industry. Disappointment, disappointment, except being cheated, I don't know what else I feel. 30 RMB, I can go to Shenzhen for 3 more times, and enjoy it for more than half an hour every time (Shenzhen Xiaomei has a lot and is very gentle ). In the end, I really don't want to give money. I was stunned and haven't met such a cost-effective solution for so many years. imagine that if a customer buys your product at a high price, the bug may go wrong, Program crashes and all data is lost. What do you think? What do customers think? do you think customers will continue to use other products? Do you think other potential customers you know will still buy your products?

After reading about the word of mouth, Nanjing huatai company found that the return rate was 26%. What is it about? It means that the boss is not cautious about such poor services, not discovering Employee problems or improving service quality. Are you enjoying this in a luxury hotel?It's hard to start a business, and it's hard to keep yourself in the business. If you haven't become the leader, you can enjoy the benefits. Can this enterprise become a bigger company?Similarly, what if you find that your employees go to boring websites, chat via QQ, and play games every day? Expelled? No. Can you fire everyone? This is an attitude issue, a question of responsibility, and a question of the company's system. What should you do if you are the boss?

I don't know what you think about state-owned enterprises? I don't know what do you think of civil servants? In my eyes, most of the employees of state-owned enterprises and civil servants hit a monk for a day and get together every day. As soon as they go to work, they look forward to getting off work early. They like gossip at work and send some news to everyone, then laugh together. Alas ...... In this case, the country will not be a country.

how can we eliminate this kind of inactive and inactive phenomenon? This is not a good answer. The first is the system of the company. To put it bluntly, it is the reward and punishment system. Huawei seems to have a 3% penalty system that must be eliminated. Although cruel, it is quite effective. In addition to eliminating some people, do we have any other methods? Well, by mistake, it's about paying dividends. Although the enterprise is not listed, the enterprise has a profit every year. If the profit can be linked to the income of every employee and is added to the reward and punishment system, and vigorously promote "Hero employees" and "model employees" among the employees, while the senior management constantly releases information such as "competitor", "potential market", and "future of the company". I think, in this way, the fate of the company and its employees is tied together. No one else can be confused. If I am hired at the same time, my salary is more than three times your salary. Would you like? Of course not. People who are easy to eat and work hard are also forced to work hard to earn money. The company's profit increases rapidly due to the efforts of its employees, and the positive rate of profit increases, which also leads to an increase in employee income. As a result, a virtuous circle becomes operational. This is the current situation of Huawei.

Of course, the above suggestions are just a piece of personal insight. There are more theories and skills in "Enterprise Management" and "Psychology" for us to explore. What if the company does not take these measures? Well, let's pressurize ourselves, set up a goal, and set up an "enemy". If you don't reach your goal every day, you don't have to give up, but you don't have to surpass the "enemy.You know, it's their business to let others fall. The question is, are you willing to fall with them? Do you want to get rid of the fallen yourself? Would you like to reflect on your daily mistakes every night and summarize your daily gains?

In fact, there is no great wisdom in the world. The real wisdom is very close to you and me ......

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