Small Factory Enterprise website exactly how to do SEO optimization, so as to bring more orders?

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Small and medium-sized enterprises and small factories to do SEO work, the annual order from the SEO is still very considerable, with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more small factory-type enterprise website began gradually to the internet marketing, began to gradually use the Internet to carry out sales work! But most of the factory bosses do not understand how to properly develop the network marketing work, but also do not know how to do a good job SEO optimization of the company's website!

So today and everyone talk about the factory-type enterprise website How to do SEO this network marketing:

One: Analysis of user needs

Before we start SEO optimization work, we first have to analyze our customer base. To analyze what the greatest needs of our user base are. The most concerned about the company points, focus on the advantages and characteristics of the product.

Our site must be for the majority of the factory customers to serve, and not only to meet the individual and a small number of customers on the OK. How to maximize the audience, only to understand the analysis out of this, to optimize the optimization of the SEO to play to the extreme!

Two: Do not do a lot of competition words

A very competitive word can certainly bring us a lot of traffic. Industry words in a certain degree is not directly to bring accurate customer, only to increase a certain brand influence! So we choose which of the words to use the minimum promotion time, to obtain the most direct customer which keyword. such as xxx manufacturers, XXX factory and so on.
Three: Choose the keywords that the user is accustomed to search

This is also very important! When our keywords can be more accurately matched to the user's search terms, our content is prioritized in the search results. such as "xxx which good" and "which xxx good" the two keywords.

In general, the user is more accustomed to search is "xxx which good", of course, there is a few will search "which xxx good", when this time we will go to choose the first to be the key words to make a fuss. Instead of choosing a second keyword!

Another situation is that when users search for certain keywords, they will type some typos, whether the user is intentional or unintentional, when we observe the industry has such users in the search, then this time, we can go to get this typo to do the content. Because only in this way, I can maximize the user's search matching degree.

Four: Do not intercept brand traffic

For some well-known brands in the industry. Often these brands will have a certain amount of search! At this time, some of the businesses that are trying to misbehave will find ways to intercept the traffic of other people's brands. Such an approach is, in our view, very shameful.

Although those are our competitors, but to overcome our competitors, we rely on the "right way", not to use the next three indiscriminate means. There is such a time, we really do not want to do their own brand of heart.

In general, even if you take someone else's brand traffic over, then the user will not trust you. Imagine, when users in search of certain brands, the user first is more or less to understand the brand, or users to search this why? Think for yourself, is that so? Besides, Baidu has the protection consciousness to the brand, once Baidu discovers you are "hypocrite" words, then you will suffer the K station risk.

Five: Do not do no purpose keywords

We do every keyword is a customer, the exact word we do each one of the keywords best can bring us accurate customer. Only in this way can we maximize the customers of our website.

Summary: Small factory SEO optimization work to be accurate, the main key words of the standard product optimization, small factories should not optimize the competition index high keywords, index very high keyword competition is very large, so small factories in the optimization of keywords can select some of the products related to small index keywords.

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Small Factory Enterprise website exactly how to do SEO optimization, so as to bring more orders?

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