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HTML tutorials, small tags are described in detail.

Phrase elements such as can improve the structure of the document while preserving the desired visual style. But in peacetime application is not very common, the first eye of the impact is Taobao ued is not in this small problem negligence?

On the , the results of the online search is also very fragmented, some say not recommended, and some in the discarded label does not mention its name. This is explained in detail in the book "Proficient in HTML semantics, standards, and styles."


, like a bunch of brothers, are defined as the expression element, The idea of the consortium is that for elements that can simply specify font information, there is no semantics. For example, the: tag, there is no doubt to use the  or  substitution, but the  tag, it is difficult to say in the page when you want to express a paragraph in the foreign language (the practice of foreign language display) directly use it what is wrong, Because when the user uses ...... to show a slant, space occupies a lot more than the former.

And more complicated , the author of the book Paul Haine did not give a clear answer, theoretically, they are purely descriptive elements, should use CSS to replace them. But some of the industry's weighty figures (Joe Clark) suggest using them to get a "weight-weighted" visual effect. The result of the discussion is: gain must be lost, concrete analysis of specific problems.

Back to Taobao This section of code in the, tag is a link to skip navigation: Skip navigation and Toolbars . I think, Taobao ued after thinking with the same idea as the tag, rather than define a occupy a lot of HTML space, as a direct use of < Small>. A more important point is that the function of skipping navigation is for the user, precisely for the disabled users in the use of reading browsers or no CSS style definition, the use of simple may be more in line with the spirit of the standard.

The only doubt is that the of the CSS under the naked dash is really the one that shows the importance of its meaning. But for the blind user, does the change to improve the user experience for the Reading browser?

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