Small new Air13pro A key resume Operation instruction (PBR edition)

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The shutdown state of the machine left a key recovery hole, select System Recovery after the Microsoft PBR recovery interface.

Reason Analysis:

September 04, 2016 after the shipment of small new Air13 Pro One-click Restore function switch to PBR recovery.

1, back up all personal information on the computer to the U disk or mobile hard disk; (if there is no personal important information need to save, you can skip this step.) )

2, with a Kari poke the machine to the left of a key recovery hole;

3, the use of keyboard keys to select System Recovery, press ENTER;

4, the choice of troubleshooting;

5, click the "Initialization of the computer" option;

6, click "Next", at this time to go to two times to restore the way to choose;

7, choose the way to restore

There are two ways to choose:

A, delete only my files: Reset all the user related data, settings;

B, full cleanup drive: Reset to factory status (user data, zoning information, etc.)

You can choose the appropriate way according to your own actual situation and requirement;

8, to determine the recovery system;

100% will reboot to the configuration interface.

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