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I once showed the two lists to ten people and asked them if they were familiar with these people. The results were expected by me.

The first list is Fu yijian, Wang shidan, Bi Yi, Lin zhaotang, Wang yunjin, Liu zizhuang, Chen Yu, Liu Fuyao, and Liu Chunlin.

The second list is: Li Yu, Hong Sheng, Gu Yanwu, Jin Shengtan, Huang zongxi, Wu Jingzi, Pu Songling, Hong Xiuquan, and Yuan Shikai.

There are seven people who do not know the first list.

Ten people know most of them in the second list.

I dare say, there are certainly more familiar with the second list than familiar with the first list.

However, at that time, how brilliant and prominent were the figures in the first list! They were admired by the stars and thousands of people. When the emperor and the civilians went down, they all held them in their hands. What about the characters in the second list? It used to be so lonely, lonely, unhappy, cold, and obscure.


The people in the first list are all the top candidates of the Qing Dynasty. What about the people in the second list? It's all the Fredy talent of the Qing Dynasty.

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