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With the rise of mobile terminals such as the ipad, people are reading more and more time on the mobile terminals, the reading experience has become more and more important. And the font is the key to determine the reading experience, then what is the font in terms of what affect the success or failure of the reading experience?

1. Whether it has high degree of identification

First look at the Consolas, this font, we can find that I and W are the same width, this kind of equal width font has a very high degree of identification, very suitable for writing, code display and so on.

This is still the case, in Arial font, I,L's identification is very low, and when there is a continuous IL and other narrower text appears, the text is difficult to select, in addition Georgia, letter O, and the number 0 only slightly different in size, basically not clear, it is difficult to do at a glance.

This shows that the equal-width font by the letter itself interference is small, the letter size fixed, density fixed, such fonts, simple and easy to identify, greatly enhance the reading efficiency. But the equal width font also has the very serious problem, he uses reduces the esthetic degree to change the high identification degree, therefore, most can only haunt in some code editor and so on software.

2. is suitable for long time reading

Arial and Gerogia, these two fonts are very useful on a PC's web page, but which is better for a long time reading?

Although it seems that sans serif fonts are more concise and eye-catching, but the recognition is not as clear as the line font, to allow readers to read for a long time, but also need to let the reader sweep over, do not need to think can read the text, and Georgia just have this trait. Therefore, in general, under the same printing conditions, the liner body reading speed is about one-fifth faster than the no liner body.

First, the line of strokes to assist not only the appearance, but also to help identify the font, and secondly, these lines can make these letters on the line strokes in the visual will form a certain level of guidance, can guide the visual direction of moving horizontally, so that the recognition coefficient of increase, This is why Georgia serif fonts are so popular on both the PC side and traditional publishing.

No liner of the Arial is like a ladylike, more suitable for the subway and other eye-catching signs, such as some big scenes, but not the lining line of the Georgia but like Xiaojiabiyu, between the lines, hundred see not greasy.

3. Whether to adapt to mobile terminals

Because the ipad's display brightness and contrast is higher than the average computer, so many of the appropriate fonts and designs on the ordinary computer directly to the ipad will be due to the brightness of the background caused by the problem of real. This is especially problematic when paired with fonts. Some of the fine fonts are seriously hollow, resulting in the original fit of the collocation becomes incompatible, seriously affected the experience.

Retina Display brings finer precision, it also poses more problems for font rendering, because it uses 4 pixels to display 1 pixels in a picture without zooming, and when the Retina picture is displayed, each pixel corresponds to 1 pixels in the picture. As a result, some fonts such as Georgia will become very thin, resulting in the font in the display and design time inconsistent, affecting the experience.

In fact, we have no way to change the hardware, can only try to avoid these problems, so at the mobile terminal appropriate to increase the size of the text (14PX-16PX) is more sensible. In addition can also increase the number of points in the text is also to avoid hollow, and in English display, the PC side of one of the classic Georgia also need to be used with caution.

4. Do you have a careful layout

This point, in the Chinese typesetting on the Tang tea is very good, the implementation of the ban on processing, abreast tail, English line (hyphenation) and other typesetting basic skills, but also on the punctuation (end of the line appear, commas, semicolons and other punctuation will be "hanging" to the border of the right border of text. And the first indent of the paragraph was experimented, which brought a good reading experience to the readers.

In addition, the reading experience also depends on other important factors, such as the use of different fonts in different situations, font size, number of points, lines of text length, the density between the text and so on.

Reading is large, all aspects of the text, although the text is small, pen and pen painting buckle experience. For designers, the experience of excellent reading, not only let us pursue the beauty of the vision, but also out of a concern for the reader.

Article Source: Baidu Mux

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