Small tips to repair damaged u disk with a low grid tool

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Now the u disk is very cheap, u disk accidentally broken, send to repair shop if you want to buy a new one, but threw a pity, the following follow their own repair, both long knowledge, and save money, why not?

U disk failure is the ability to identify new hardware when inserting USB interface can also install the driver, in my computer can also see U disk letter, but the disk can not open and prompted the "Please insert disk" to see that the property display is 0 bytes, with the format of Windows command can not be formatted operation, prompted "Please insert disk."

Methods: In general, when you buy a U disk, you will have the low level formatting tool software of the U disk. But if it is a motley, it is necessary to go online to find the right tool software. My friend's u disk is a motley, the network introduced a lot of kinds of low grid tools, there are Mformat, Pointclip, Usbboot and U Disk Universal Format Tool Productiontool, their usage is very similar, but these several tools I tried did not fix, finally used a " Star Shuttle low-level format tool PDX8.EXE "and fix it." This tool is easy to find on the Internet, I would like to introduce the use of this tool software:

Perform PDX8, under normal circumstances, first check flash is damaged, with "Check flash" detect flash is damaged, if it is good, you can do low-level format, click "Option" can set options, mainly set "Flash Text" and " Capacity Adjust ". Select "Low level format" that is low-level formatting, in the figure selected U disk capacity, and finally click "RUN", low-level format, low speed is slower, the format is OK.

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