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Master Huang is a decidedly courageous person who can be revealed from her everyday dress. Kappa sportswear, white sneakers, ponytail, this is little White's first impression of Huang. "Come to the lab tomorrow nine o'clock in the morning, and I'll give you the assignment." Huang said to Xiao Bai. The tone of voice and old Blue, the firmness of the tone is revealed in the doubt. Then little white just realized that this whole laboratory No. 230 people speak this tone. "Good, strong woman", small white heart muttered.

The next morning seven or eight o'clock, small free breakfast rushed to the laboratory, found themselves incredibly is the last to, "graduate students are so dedicated?" "Little white Heart muttered.

"In the future you sit here, this computer is graduating this year's seniors left Behind, the daily office learning should be enough, the most calculated words our laboratory has a dedicated workstation." Huang found small white, take him to an empty table next to open the computer side to small White said.
"What professional did you have before?" "Huang asked.
"Undergraduate reading of material forming and control engineering, mold design direction." "Little white answer."
"Oh, that mechanical course should have been learned, has studied fluid mechanics?" "Huang asked.
"I haven't learned it. "Xiao Bai answered.
"The higher mathematics and the linear algebra should all have been learned, the numerical calculation you are supposed to start classes?" "Huang asked.
"Well, numerical calculations are now being learned. "said Xiao Bai.
"It's good to learn, and many places are used later." In particular, the numerical solution of differential equations , interpolation , error and convergence of some basic methods and concepts. For a while you need to learn some preparation knowledge, "Huang took out a notebook to small White said. Next, the small white to specify a number of learning content.

1. Fluid Mechanics
    • Learning content
      First find this "fluid mechanics" Reference book study, but now there is not so much time for you to study the theory, this can be in the later time to go to cram school. Focus on the basic content of fluid mechanics, basic research methods, research objects and so on, you need to understand what the fluid mechanics required to solve the basic physical quantities, this is very important, we want to do fluid simulation, these content should be thoroughly understood.
    • Resources
      I'd recommend some reference books to you.
    1. "Graphic Fluid Mechanics"
      This book is more easy to understand, the author is Xiao Feng long male, Gao Pijuan translation. Through this book, we can understand some basic principles and theories of fluid mechanics. The library can be found, and it is strongly recommended that people like you who have no basic fluid mechanics to flip through.
    2. "Prandtl Fluid Mechanics Foundation"
      The author of this book is [de]h outeer, Zhu Ziqiang and other translations. The author of modern fluid mechanics Jingshan Prandtl Students, the content is very comprehensive, but also very basic, highly recommended intensive reading.
    3. Fluid Mechanics
      Kundu's classic fluid mechanics, recommended to read.
    4. Fundamentals of fluid mechanics and its engineering applications
      Photocopy of foreign language, recommended reading.

      In addition to the above recommended fluid mechanics book, there is time to go to the library to find other books for your tastes.
2. Math Supplement

Besides higher mathematics and linear algebra, we also need to strengthen the quality of mathematics in the undergraduate stage.
For the mathematical physics equation that you are now studying, it is strongly recommended that you study carefully and appreciate the mathematical modeling process of mechanical problems, such as the derivation process of wave equation, diffusion equation, and the classification of partial differential equations. As for the analytic solution of partial differential equation, we are not engaged in science, we seldom use it, and later we encounter the physical problem of the abstract partial differential equation, basically can not find the analytic solution, this part of the content, to meet the test on it.
The course of numerical calculation should be studied seriously, especially the content of difference method, numerical differentiation and other parts. However, the numerical calculation you learned in class is a very basic content, I will give you later to tell you the computational fluid dynamics, this aspect of the theory after more advice to New Shi brother, he is engaged in this theory.

3. Computer

Our numerical calculations are inseparable from the computer, and it is strongly recommended that you learn a programming language. If the Fortran or C language proficiency is one of the perfect, our laboratory is very short of procedural apes. Learning to learn Python is also a very good choice, highly recommended to learn. Some Python learning materials are recommended.

    1. "Basic Python Tutorial"
      Learn the basic syntax of Python through this book.

      Basic 2.Python Data Analysis Tutorial NumPy Learning Guide
      Use this book to learn the basic usage of numpy, which is often used in future projects.

The above basic study on fluid mechanics, mathematics, and computer science is the basis of our study of computational fluid dynamics, the content of computational fluid dynamics is the complex of these three disciplines, so I suggest you have some basic understanding of these aspects first. I'm telling you a quick Learning plan for CFD in two days.

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"Small white CFD Tour" 05 Supplemental basis

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