"Small white CFD Tour" 09 First knowledge of fluent

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According to the recommendation of Huang, small white look back to find the fluent data. Through the network and library to find relevant information, Xiao Bai has a basic understanding of fluent.

    • Fluent is a CFD software package that is currently affiliated with the ANSYS Company
    • The latest version of Fluent is Fluent17.0, which is included in the ANSYS installation package
    • The fluent software is the ANSYS Company acquired in 2005 by the fluent company, the final version developed by the fluent company for 6.3,ansys after the acquisition of the first fluent version of FLUENT12.0
    • Fluent software is the most market share of the general CFD software
    • The fluent software can be started in Ansys Workbench or in a standalone package. When launched in Workbench, a compute mesh can be generated using modules such as mesh, ICEM CfD, and so on.
    • The fluent software includes meshing mode and solution mode. Its meshing model is the Tgrid software of its old club fluent company, which was later acquired by Ansys with fluent.
1 Software Installation
2 software interface
2.1 FLUENT17.0 's working interface
2.2 Working interface
2.3 Model Tree Menu
Solemn declaration 1 Software Installation

The installation of fluent is very easy. Because it is part of the ANSYS software package, it needs to be installed through the ANSYS installation package and select fluent during the installation process. About the installation of Ansys,
Refer to: Ansys installation.

2 software interface

After the fluent installation is complete, you can start by selecting the Fluent module in Ansys Workbench, or you can start fluent directly from the Start menu.

2.1 FLUENT17.0 's working interface

Interface elements:

    • 1. Select model dimension, fluent can calculate two-dimensional model and 3-dimensional model
    • 2. Display options. Display mesh After Reading activates this item, the grid is displayed when the mesh is imported, otherwise it is not displayed directly;Workbench color Scheme activates this with a blue gradient background image window, Otherwise the Fluent Classic graphics window with a black background.
    • 3. Solver options. Double Precision is a dual-precision solver, and a single-precision solver is used if this is not activated, andmeshing mode is meshing mode, and solution is used if this is not selected
    • 4. Parallel settings. Serial is used for serial computing;Parallel is a parallel calculation setting and can be set in parallel after activating this item
    • 5. Version selection. If you have more than one fluent version installed on your computer, you can select it here.
    • 6. Activating this item only uses fluent for pre-and post-processing and does not enable the Solver feature.
    • 7. Set the working path.
    • 8. Set the fluent application path. This option generally does not change
    • 9. Activate this record journal script file, otherwise not logged.
2.2 Working interface

Fluent working interface.

Elements in the diagram:

    • 1.Ribbon menu. 17.0 Add a new tool menu.
    • 2. Tree-shaped menu. The tree nodes are designed from top to bottom in a CFD workflow.
    • 3. Set up the panel. Left tree node corresponding parameter setting panel
    • 4. Graphical display window.
    • 5. Text command and Message Output window
2.3 Model Tree Menu

Fluent main working interface is the tree menu,.

Model tree nodes include:

  • Setup: Pre-processing settings

    • General: Generic settings. such as setting the time term (transient or steady state), Solver type (pressure base or density base), etc.
    • Models: Sets the physical model. such as the setting of turbulence model, multiphase flow model, etc.
    • Materials: Setting Fluid Media material properties
    • Cell Zone Conditions: Setting Compute Domain Properties
    • Boundary Conditions: setting boundary conditions
    • Dynamic Mesh: Set Dynamic Mesh
    • Referencevalues: Setting reference values
  • Solution: Solver settings

    • Solution Methods: Solving algorithm settings, such as selection of discrete algorithms
    • SolutionControls: Solve control parameter settings, such as various sub-relaxation factor settings
    • Monitors: Monitor settings
    • Report Definitions: Defining the reporting output during the calculation
    • Report files: List the defined reports file
    • Report plots: Define the output form of the reports
    • Solution Initialization: Compute initialization
    • calculation Activities: Define parameters in the solution, such as defining AutoSave, animation output, etc.
    • Run calculation: Calculation settings
  • Result: Calculated post-processing

    • Graphics: Display a variety of graphs, such as cloud, vector, streamline diagram, etc.
    • animations: Show animations
    • plots: Display various line graphs
    • Reports: Show report
  • Parameters & Customizations: parameterization and Custom Lists

Solemn declaration
    • This series according to the actual experience adaptation, if there is coincidence, do not human flesh
    • Reproduced please ensure that the text is complete

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"Small white CFD Tour" 09 First knowledge of fluent

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