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"About Yourself"

  It seems that you should introduce yourself first. First of all, I am a three-stream college engineering boys, the major is computer information management. Computer Information management This profession, to tell the truth at that time did not understand, on the school professional profile written on the Oracle development operations to go, the result of heaven and I opened a joke, this major divided into two directions, one is the system development and application (SQL direction), One is the database operations and applications (Oracle direction), it is a great honor to be divided into the SQL direction. In this major, the first thing is to query the three years will open what course, the timetable is as follows:

Briefly filter the main course is the basic Java programming, JSP program design, JavaScript, the core technology Javaweb related courses, and some of the necessary minor courses include: Linux Foundation, SQL database design and application, Discrete mathematics (college no high number, This is also a mishap), other things not mentioned seem to be very useful, such as: data structure, C language, XML technology, IT English, software engineering UML, but are expanding classes! So-called expansion class is open a semester and then the end of the exam, students do not pay attention to, Even the teacher does not go out to call outside the class. The most pit is still learning a lot of not much useful and not in-depth courses such as: Accounting Foundation, ERP application and management, is completely the course of the school hours. At the end of my freshman year, I had a deep feeling of being in the pit, and I began to regret the completion of this school (at that point it was possible to choose another higher vocational college in Shenzhen, mainly directed at this school environment). So from a freshman, began to seriously think about their future road to how to go, after all, by the school curriculum is not, but they are just a student, the vision is narrow know not much. So try to communicate with the teachers, the teacher's opinion is very consistent, is to tell me a truth: The university is no one to you, to rely on their own. At that time, the mood completely fell to the bottom, did not think of Chinese universities or the university that I am in this, instilled 9 years of passive education at the moment declared to fly independently, my wings? So confused for a while, and including senior elder sister and so many people talked about these problems, and finally began to understand the Internet the Field division of the industry.

Because high school participated in Noip, NOI and other algorithms design competition, so have a bit of the basis of programming, for the new language and some knowledge of learning to receive the ability to be able to start along the direction of c→c++, contact C + + network programming and Linux operation and maintenance management, Study for about a year, but also through the teacher recommended success into the T internship (operation and maintenance intern), in the six months of internship is deeply aware that it seems to be a "premature aging" performance, compared with the development of not much passion can speak, and then began to look for their favorite development direction. This process is very difficult, because the direction of the development of many, the web, mobile Internet, embedded, and so on, their own professional to do the web is more realistic, but at the end of the independent completion of several sites (movie ticketing, hospital letter tube, etc.) found themselves really little interest in the web. and embedded itself did not have the learning conditions, coupled with the industry on the academic requirements are relatively high, also directly pass. It is also a coincidence that our neighbor is the development of Android, the college for this major is a big fry, claiming to be the higher vocational college XXX first, and as far as I know, those teachers are not to take the scientific achievement is to take the students to win the prize to their face, and most of the students are not the students themselves completed , those students have an inexplicable sense of superiority. The strangest thing about this Android class is that in addition to Android, there are core courses such as WP8 and iOS, which seem to be able to breed a mobile development manager within three years. As for the student's general situation, expands, the whole school is almost----the boys games The female Korean drama, has who to reason you on what, after graduating does not have a very strong father is nothing to consider.

Speaking here, it seems to boast special mature especially have the ambition of the appearance, in fact, it is also a difficult to resist the temptation of people, see the roommate in the game on their hands unbearable, see someone out of supper on the belly clamor, so in the past two years in the university also wasted a lot of time. This is also my blog park to open the basic purpose of this article----use the form of records to encourage their attention, after all, the road is their own choice, can not be "roadside wildflowers" to the harvest.

"With iOS"

So far, I still have a broken Android machine, the reason is you said, is in its magical virtual machines boast of most of the big memory completely become chewing head, an app crash can be associated with the entire system paralysis, the most memorable one is to witness a car accident prepared to alarm when found card to unable to dial. And his home is not so rich, buy an iphone is not want to be immediately available. and choose to learn iOS, the upfront investment really let oneself hesitated for a short period of time, but in this order and full of opportunities in the field, I believe that will soon be rewarded, also "hurt the money". The reason why I like iOS or Apple culture, because of its unique design ideas and its strict auditing system. Auditing seems to be a headache for developers, but so all the order and respect is what they aspire to, at least by the atmosphere of their own influence, has abandoned the win above those disgusting ideas, absolutely support the genuine (books, software, audio-visual and even necessities of life). and in reality, in fact, he is only an entry, now can be said to be in the nursery class, but also hope to share with other students, in a few years after qualified graduation.

"Current personal devices"

    • Mac Mini Md370zh (first half of 2013)
    • Lack of real-machine commissioning
    • Lack of debug certificates and release certificates

Well, a lot of crap, it is time to start studying hard, I hope I can really do it, but also hope to get the support of students.

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"Current Books for study"

Objective-c Programming (Fourth edition)

"Smallfan's iOS Learning notes"

  Chapter I. Hello WORLD

    Compile and run the first program

Basic syntax (writing)

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