Smart camera: Next battlefield?

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In the PC era, the user's demand for the camera is mostly communication chat, but with the trend and development of mobile Internet, the added value of the camera is being gradually excavated out-in addition to the basic transmission image function, the camera in the security, monitoring and link value, also is reflected in the real life. Before the foreign Google company invested heavily in the acquisition of Nest, the domestic ZTE vigorously develop smart cameras and other manufacturers of cases, no one does not show that this trend is becoming a reality.

The future of the camera: Smart + mobile Internet access

From Google to ZTE, Lenovo, Xiaomi, 360, from the internet giants to the traditional equipment vendors, these different volume of companies in the choice of new business starting point, are invariably the camera as a new goal, which has what kind of mystery and reason?

First, audio-visual communications are future needs. As the best carrier of audio and video communication, the camera is the best choice in carrying the audio-visual communication demand, and the future with the wide-area development of information technology, audio and video communication will become an inevitable trend. Whether it's Google or a domestic startup, they look the same at this point in predicting future trends, so it's the biggest aspiration of these business companies to be preoccupied with the market heights.

Second, the camera's added value is becoming apparent. In the traditional concept, the role of the camera can only be audio-visual communication function, but in fact, in addition to audio and video communications, the current camera products in the home care, security monitoring, video recorder and other aspects are also playing an important role. At present, this aspect of the move, the domestic ZTE and other manufacturers are walking in the forefront of the industry.

The most important feature of the camera as a security monitor is its convenience and low cost.

From the current market existing products, most of the smart camera use is very simple, the user installed after the mobile app can achieve all operations, in terms of price, most of the price of smart cameras are only hundreds of yuan price range. Compared with other traditional security monitoring devices, the cost of using smart cameras is undoubtedly the most convenient alternative to the cumbersome and expensive way to operate.

Thirdly, the smart camera is the carrier for connecting social communication. In the current network development increasingly regional mobile internet, most users of the demand for smart cameras, in addition to the basic transmission of audio-visual content, some users are also very happy to share the video content to the social network.  The smart camera as a link network, the third-party carrier of users, in this respect can undoubtedly serve as a link between users and the Network bridge. The benefit of this approach is that the Internet company's social network promotion process can achieve a multiplier effect. Today's latest version of QQ, and other social networking products, in the video's social sharing function has been fully moving forward, the future of this trend award will likely reach a new peak.

Camera's card position battle: How vendors compete for the market

As a standard choice for the future development of mobile Internet, the smart camera can not be neglected in social network, Internet of things and so on, in which case, how does it find its own battlefield in the crowded market? To a certain extent, this strategy choice of the manufacturer also determines its competitive role in the future.

On the one hand, how to make a differentiated intelligent camera, this is all manufacturers have to face the first problem.

In the domestic market, Xiaomi followed its consistent low-priced model, the first to launch a low-cost but also the same simple function of smart camera products, after the main security concept of 360 also by the security slogan for the bright spot to kill into the field of smart camera. Although these vendors have a certain degree of advantage in the time node, they fail to achieve basic functional innovation and technological breakthroughs in the product. The traditional equipment manufacturers represented by ZTE have taken a completely different road.

ZTE's earlier launch of the smart camera has many bright spots, such as its security as a starting point to make its products from the functional, performance level and other manufacturers to pull off the essential gap. In addition to providing basic remote monitoring, ZTE Smart Camera provides users with practical functions such as infrared night vision, remote alarm, automatic cruising and so on in detecting content. In addition, the recent and seven cow cloud cooperation with cloud storage and other practical functions such as market strategy, also makes ZTE camera in the market to achieve a good survival opportunity.

Camera Manufacturers in addition to achieving differentiated product development strategy, through the product to create a complete and comprehensive intelligent home ecological chain platform, so that its platform, ecological chain development to achieve a new situation, which is the smart camera in the development process has to face another problem.

At present, most manufacturers of smart camera products, just a single camera connected to the Internet monitoring function, but for monitoring security has a full range of requirements for users, this rough product approach is not the perfect solution. For the family environment, the user would like to be in addition to the regular video real-time monitoring function, but also can provide users with monitoring of anti-theft, fire, gas leakage and other requirements, which also makes the future of the smart camera in the function of expansion, ecological chain laying and construction, there is a long way to go. And throughout the domestic, ZTE and other traditional equipment business in the forefront, as early as September 25, ZTE Family network operations director Tianbo in the Phoenix Technology interview said, ZTE launched a small hing look at the camera is its first step into the field of smart home, around the camera will be launched other security products, And in the next period of time to gradually expand into the family medical field.

In short, the current smart camera is gradually accepted by ordinary consumers, but it has a long way to go in order to meet the expected target of the times demand. However, from the present development situation, this goal is a little bit into reality, for industrial development, this is good.

The future of the camera: you can imagine more

From the traditional single-machine era to the current mobile Internet, the development of the camera is going through the development process beyond imagination, especially in the function, the camera from a single transmission demand over to a more in-depth lifestyle, this change is the role of the camera itself, but also the trend of the development of the Internet drive. Therefore, with the development of information technology, the future of the camera in the function, innovation and value, will undoubtedly bring more happy to the ordinary users feel.

But in this process, how the camera in the process of moving beyond the intelligent, which is also the majority of smart camera manufacturers put forward new challenges, foreign Google, the domestic ZTE, 360, Xiaomi and some start-up enterprises in the face of this problem, only to fully mobilize their products, technology and market advantages, will be able to usher in the ultimate World war in the future market.

However, judging from the present situation, we can imagine a lot of developments in this market from now on.


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Smart camera: Next battlefield?

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