Smart Car Learning (12)--the principle of smart car

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First, the task of walking upright decomposition 1, task decomposition

(1) Control model balance: By controlling the positive and negative motion of two motors to keep the model upright balance State

(2) control the speed of the car model: by adjusting the tilt of the car model to achieve the speed control of the car, in fact, the final turn to control the speed of the motor to achieve the wheel speed control.
(3) control the direction of the car model: by controlling the rotational difference between the two motors to achieve car steering control.

The three decomposed tasks are controlled independently of each other. Because of the ultimate control of the same control object (the motor of the car), there is a coupling between them. In order to facilitate the analysis, it is assumed that other control objects have been stabilized when analyzing one of them.

Second, the car balance control 1, balance control method:

The balance control is also realized by negative feedback, and it is relatively simple to keep the stick upright compared with the above. Because the model has two wheels on the ground, the body will only tilt in the direction of the wheel rolling. Control the wheel rotation, offset the trend of tilting in one dimension can keep the body balance.

2. Equivalent model of models

When the object leaves the vertical equilibrium position, it is subjected to the force of gravity and the suspension line, which drives the weight back to the equilibrium position. This force is called the recovery force, its size is

Smart Car Learning (12)--the principle of smart car

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