Smart Energy IoT Cloud Platform Solution

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Smarter Energy cloud platform with energy management intelligence as the core, through a variety of energy-consuming equipment (such as lighting systems, power systems, elevator systems, air-conditioning systems, etc.), a variety of sources (electricity, water, natural gas, oil, coal, steam, compressed air, industrial nitrogen) real-time acquisition, dynamic monitoring, energy consumption analysis, cost accounting, Performance appraisal and report release functions, to achieve the refinement of energy management, promote energy saving and consumption. To realize the safe, orderly and economical use of energy in industrial parks, schools/hospitals, public buildings by effective means.

Smart Energy Cloud Platform-energy analysis

The summary shows the current month, the year used energy, and compared with the same period in previous years, to grasp the use of energy trends. Real-time dynamic monitoring of current power consumption of enterprises. By setting the daily energy plan value, the quota management of energy consumption can be achieved, and compared with the actual energy consumption, the potential surge of energy use can be alerted. All kinds of energy can be converted to standard coal, the overall grasp of enterprise energy use.

Platform Introduction

More than Intelligent Energy Energy-saving service cloud platform using the Internet of things technology, through the Internet of things cloud platform access to a large number of intelligent sensor controller, monitoring water, electricity, gas use of different energy, so as to achieve the building of lighting, air conditioning, boilers, distribution, power, environment and other special systems, such as real-time , switching condition , and finally provides energy management cloud platform services for centralized remote energy monitoring and management.

Smart Energy cloud Platform power wiring diagram

Intelligent Energy Energy-saving service cloud platform through the construction of a variety of equipment to implement integrated automated monitoring and management, in the realization of energy saving and emission reduction at the same time to provide users with safe, comfortable, convenient and efficient work and living environment, and the entire system and the various equipment in the best working condition, Therefore, it is a modernized, information-based and intelligent equipment management system to prolong the life of electromechanical equipment in buildings, reduce the cost of management and reduce the overall energy consumption of buildings.

System Introduction

Intelligent Energy-saving service cloud Platform:

Feature Introduction

1. Real-time monitoring of energy consumption

The use of flowchart configuration, virtual reality and other technologies, in a visual manner, real-time display monitoring nodes, such as air compressors, frequency converters, building air conditioning and other water electrical real-time operating parameters, as well as indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity illumination and other environmental parameters, can real-time query and display all devices within the scope of the current state.

Energy Cloud Platform Process flow chart

2. Energy consumption Trend Alarm

2. Statistical analysis of energy consumption data

Statistics on energy consumption data are made on time, day, month, year, or different area, or different energy classes, or different types of power-consuming equipment. Analysis of total energy consumption, energy consumption per unit area and energy consumption, standard coal conversion, as well as historical trends, the same time after the comparison of energy data, such as the automatic generation of real curve, historical curve, forecast curve, real-time reports, historical reports, daily/monthly statements and other information, for energy-saving management to provide data analysis, and predict energy consumption trends.

3, provide fault query, expert energy saving diagnosis and energy saving scheme

Building energy-saving intelligent cloud platform with deep learning data mining algorithms, combined with building energy consumption structure, business characteristics, to predict energy consumption, curve way to visualize, and optimize the operation of equipment parameters, while providing managers and decision-makers with energy decision-making, energy allocation and energy efficiency optimization support. System is equipped with expert advice database, according to user energy consumption and energy consumption indicators, automatic generation of expert advice reports, comprehensive reflect the user's energy-saving awareness and management level.

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Smart Energy IoT Cloud Platform Solution

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