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1. After receiving a sweet text message, remember to smile and delete it.
2. Find a way to make money, rather than how to save money.
3. When angry, count to 30 and talk again.
4. Try to buy your favorite things and don't expect them to be delivered.
5. Drink less juice, eat more fruit, eat less snacks, drink more water, Sit less and stand less, want to see more, less talk more, less nostalgia and more.
6. There will never be a second man who loves you like his father, so his favorite man is of course his father.
7. Don't think that finding a rich man will have everything. Young girls in the world are like cola in containers. It doesn't matter whether they drink or not.
8. If you eat it, you will never spit it out again. Love is also.
9. When you are lonely, do not listen to slow songs, be nostalgic or get bored on the internet, stand up and exercise, or go to gossip with friends.
10. pretend not to be able to see through it.
11. You are definitely not the same person at work as you are idle.
12. Do a good job of sun protection, but remember to bask in the sun properly. Mood will also perform photosynthesis. True.
13. buy what you really want and don't borrow money. If you really like it, follow suit.
14. Do not use your boyfriend's birthday for the bank card password.
15. Never complain to previous lovers.
16. Before going out, consider your shoes Based on the walking time and intensity.
17. Read good books, cultivate sentiment, and improve taste.
18. You can find cheap clothes, but remember that your taste is higher than the price.
19. skin care products on the table are always more expensive than cosmetics. For women, external care is not as good as internal care.
20. develop the habit of writing a diary, even a few words.
21. You can disagree, but learn to respect.
22. Focus on the heart, but do not ignore the appearance.
23. When you can't make a decision, let the time help you decide. If you still cannot decide, let's talk about it. I would rather make mistakes without regret!


24. If you send a short message to someone you like, he will not reply. Do not try again.
25. Don't miss the same person 24 hours a day. It can be divided into family members and friends.
26. if a man is busy for the reason, does not come to explore your illness, does not return your email, does not care about your current situation, cannot bear the burden of life with you, cannot give you courage. Be brave and leave automatically. Nothing is more practical than caring about yourself.
27. Learn to bear the pain. Some words are suitable for the bad in your heart, some pain, suitable for silent forgetting. Once you have experienced it, you can grow up and know it yourself.
28. Do not torture yourself for anything. For example, don't eat, cry, autistic, depressed, these are all done by dummies. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to be stupid, so you don't have to be smart.
29. love only one person at a time.


30. Remember your birthday, including your family and yourself.
31. Wear textured clothes and find a quality boyfriend. He may not be rich, but he must make you feel safe and happy.
32. Love the person who loves you. If you love him, or if he loves you. Separate them as early as possible. Women do not need to pretend to love others, and you do not need to pretend to love someone.
33. If you decide to leave a person, you need to move faster and make a fuss. If you decide to fall in love with a person, take a longer time and see if it is suitable for you.
34. When you are idle, cook tea, coffee, or tea, put some tender music, read a few pages of good books, and then sleep late.
35. Take your work seriously. Work may be worse than love, but at least you can ensure that you have a meal, a house to live, and uncertain love can not give this, so work hard.
36. It is preferred. Don't catch a man with loneliness. This is unfair to you and him, and it is too lacking in sense of responsibility.
37. Say no to those you do not like and say no to those you do not like. Even if he says it is none of your business.
38. If no one is with you, learn how to do it by yourself.
39. Maintain proper conservation in any situation. Learn to say thank you, thank you, sorry. If you have done something wrong, you must apologize and correct it.

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