"Smart Hardware I'm Coming" (a) development objectives and hardware selection

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Recently do a project, the need for hardware control functions, since it is necessary to do a full set, will be recorded in the future details of the project hope to accumulate some information and experience for the project summary.

Project objectives:

1, can control the hardware, hardware

2. Being able to connect to the network, IoT

3, mobile phone can control, mobility

4, PC can control

Look at the heart of the goal of a void ... Not at all.

After a week of struggling, completed the following list, ready to enter the learning phase

1, STM32030 Series Development Board 2 kinds

2, STM32103 Series Development Board 3 kinds

3, 8266 Series Development Board two pieces

4, Bread Board some

5. Some data lines

6, four drive car chassis piece, wheel four, drive motor four

7, the motor drive a piece, can drive four PWM motor

8, Arduino UNO board piece

9, the Arduino package 42 sensors one set

10, Raspberry Pi 2b piece

11, 16GTF card three sheets

12, 7 inch touch screen piece

13, 3.5 inch touch screen piece

14, commonly used resistor capacitance and other components

Recent goals:

1, Arduino sensor testing, has been completed

2, Stm32 gpio input and output test, complete

3, Arduno, Stm32 PWM test, complete

4, Raspberry Pi 2B windows10 IoT installation and testing, complete

5, 7 inch touch screen WINDOWS10 IoT board adaptation, complete

6. Windows IoT control Arduino test, complete

7. Windows IoT adapter 3.5-inch display, in progress

8, 8266 motherboard controls one channel of PWM and 4-way gpio, not started

9, Raspberry Pi through the network port control Arduion, did not start

10, Windows application through the network control multiple single Board computer PWM function application development and testing, did not start

11, Windows Moderator Dashboard guidance program, did not start

"Smart Hardware I'm Coming" (a) development objectives and hardware selection

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