Smart people in the workplace, you are not stupid enough to fail

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A strange phenomenon is that among smart people, there are only a very small number of really successful people. Most people do nothing in their careers. Instead, some stupid people who seem to be dead-eyed finally become famous. This should be an old saying: being intelligent is not mistaken. Smart people are really better at thinking, learning, and execution than stupid people. A lot of things are transparent, and their work efficiency will be much higher. They often get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, in the workplace, they must be the fastest to stand out and gain the appreciation and trust of the boss in the short term. However, after a long time, smart people began to feel uneasy. They were not satisfied with repeated work every day. They hoped to have changes. In the eyes of smart people, their colleagues and superiors were inferior to themselves, even the boss. Once the requirements of smart people are not met, my mind is unbalanced. With my own intelligence, I am afraid I can't find a better place? So I jumped from one company to another, and even switched from this industry to another. These smart people are the wandering people in the workplace. They have no fixed place. They can change many jobs or even many industries in a few years. Over time, they have become an unfamiliar old saying. In fact, this has nothing to do with the talent of smart people, and it is related to career continuity. Smart is not a necessary condition. A smart person has no practical experience and can only talk about it on paper. Work experience is the most important, while experience is continuous. Experience in the same position and industry can be accumulated through time accumulation. When smart people change their work frequently, their experience is interrupted and everything starts from scratch, while other experienced people exist in their new jobs. Even if smart people can surpass others again, it may not take long for them to change their jobs, or even change their industry, and experience will be interrupted again. What's worse, there are people with experience in the new industry who have been there for a long time. For a long time, smart people have changed a lot of work, but they have not accumulated the corresponding experience. They are still drifting in the workplace and still have fragmented experience. The longer they get, the less they get. On the other hand, the stupid people who seem to be dead-eyed have continued their experience and loyalty for a long period of time. They have gradually increased their positions and finally became the top executives of the company after they changed their jobs. Believe it or not, look at the leadership of your company. 90% of the possible reasons is that he or she is not a smart person. I was surrounded by such a stupid working woman who was 23 years old when she entered a company in Guangzhou in. It is said that she was almost fired because she was too stupid. Surprisingly, with diligence and persistence, the female has become the general manager of the two business divisions and leads the team on the 100th, professional, sales, training, planning, and management skills, with an annual revenue of up to seven digits. Many people who entered the company several times smarter than her at the same time are still floating like duckweed and do not know where their future is. (This article is transferred from Yingsheng net, which specializes in training videos)

Smart people in the workplace, you are not stupid enough to fail

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