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When it comes to purchasing servers, Intel's next-generation Intelligent server CPU-Xeon 5600 series was released. This industry-leading processor has pushed the server market up again. The Nehalme microframework 5600 processor is adopted, and the process is improved to 32nm, so that the size and performance of the processor circuit can be significantly optimized. At the same time, the six-core design can be used to integrate larger caches. The increase in the number of cores and cache is significant to the performance of Xeon 5600.

In addition, Xeon 5600 increases the energy efficiency of low-power CPUs, supports low-power DDR3 memory, and is optimized in smart energy-saving technology and CPU power management. At the same time, the most important thing is that you can smoothly upgrade the original server from Xeon 5500. From this point of view, the original Xeon 5500 server users can easily upgrade to the 5600 Series servers with higher performance.

However, in terms of server procurement, the capital problem has always been a weakness for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially when funds are insufficient. In the past, in the process of server procurement, small and medium-sized enterprises want to get the maximum return through the minimum cost investment, or even use high-end PCs as enterprise server applications. In the current procurement process, small and medium-sized enterprises are more concerned with the total cost of ownership (TCO), rather than blindly selecting, this will mean more favor for cost-effective Xeon 5600 servers.

I learned about the features and advantages of the Xeon 5600 series products. Small and medium-sized enterprises are aware of the changes in the server core. However, for a cost-effective server, it is not just a processor, it has high value in terms of stability, reliability, ease of management, and high scalability, as well as a vendor that includes quality products, perfect after-sales services, consulting, and other aspects of the overall solution.

According to the server requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, when selecting 5600 Series servers, small and medium-sized enterprises not only need a server that can meet their needs and business needs for future growth. At the same time, you also need to consider a variety of factors, choose a set of high availability, high reliability, easy to manage and maintain at the same time with a high level of service capabilities of the server.

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