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Today, I feel very depressed.

"Digital Image Processing" (Java Language Algorithm Description) is one of my professional electives this semester. I didn't feel this lesson after four lessons, the lessons behind fear cannot be taken. From the title of the book, this course uses the Java language to process images. We should learn some java languages, but now we are going to learn some basic commands of MATLAB and some transformations (Lashi changes, Fourier Transformations, and so on), which are different from what I thought when I first selected this course, this may be the reason why I haven't found any interest in the first four classes. I also want to make myself interested in this course, because I know that interest is the spiritual pillar that will accompany me to the peak.

Elementary school, middle school, high school, hope that the college entrance examination is approaching. At that time, the evening was always so calm, afraid of this fear, and from time to time, dreaming of your own college campus, your college life, may be watching more TV series, I think of my university very well and hope that I can step into the university one day earlier. This day finally came. With my luggage and my mom and dad, I came to my university, Langfang Normal University. Ah, it's not what I think. My father asked me what to doodle. After talking to my father, I said how many beautiful people there are in the school and how to use it, you are still switching around those classrooms. Your task is to learn. You don't need to think about anything else. I am silent.

The freshman year soon passed and looked blank without knowing what he had learned. Q: Is it true for a university? Which organization will need such "talents?

One year has passed and another year has ended. Compared with my freshman year, my sophomore year's life is rich and colorful. I finally found my feeling here, learning here will always bring you a sense of accomplishment and feel full. My junior year has started learning again. I heard that my junior year is very professional and I am very happy. As a result, I came to my class for a week.

I am not waiting for a long time. I am a junior. I am panic. What will I do next year if I have not studied in the advanced class? It is estimated that I was in a hurry at that time, because I felt that my college in the past few years was not as good as those I had practiced in the society after my graduation from high school, even when I was in my freshman year, I regretted that I had to learn some technology in my previous normal second book. At least it was very practical.

My college time would be four years if I didn't take the higher education class, but now I think I am a five-year student, because I want to stick to the end of the higher education class.

Last night, I heard a conversation between the dual workshop and Xue min. I asked Xue min about the dual workshop. How soon have you finished coding? Min answer: Well, it's almost time to come out. I have to improve it. My heart grew so long that I couldn't stay and looked at a small part of my code. Then I looked at other people to close my work. Ah, the gap is coming out. There is a reason to think about this. 1. It is better to use it than to use it as a parent; 2. It is your own negligence. The installation system encountered problems a few days ago, and many things were not backed up, it has brought a lot of trouble for me to study in the future. For example, I did not prepare a copy of the data center charging system. In fact, I was copied once in my computer, I am afraid that there will be any mistakes in the future, but the Errors still occur. before the system is built, I backed up the previous ones. There are no many things available, that is to say, I didn't take down the charging system of the last backup data center. Well, it's a lesson. It won't happen again in the future, otherwise, you will lose yourself. Of course, this is not the reason for slow progress. I think the main reason is that I use less time and the time should be squeezed out, but I also need to remind myself not to blindly catch others, it's just a step by step. Come on!

Today, I complained and hoped that the gas would fly away. Haha said that my mood was better, and it was okay to smile!



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