"SMS Plugin" SHOPNCB2B2C e-commerce, SMS function development and application

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Found a good SMS plug-in, there is a need to docking to see the study, in this side to share, there is a need to look at the details, understand. http://www.ihuyi.com/
Plugin description

This plug-in is the interconnection of wireless for SHOPNC version development, applicable to SHOPNC B2B2C all versions, please follow the instructions to install, all the files in the plug-in is the original file modification, if your system after two development, before installing the plugin, please carefully check the changes.

function Introduction

1, mobile phone number of SMS verification registration
2. Submit Order

Installation steps
1, copy the contents of the folder "directly overwrite Files", paste to the root directory in the program;
(except core/framework/libraries/sms.php will overwrite, others are new files, will not affect the system)
2, see the folder "Manually modified files" in the content, due to the SHOPNC version of the many, it is recommended to manually add code;
(You can refer to the source code in the catalog to modify your program.) Reference source in the revised section has "mutual billion wireless" comments)
3, please determine the source of your software, whether you need to replace the PHP file header content;
If you are from the SHOPJL forum, replace with (default)

If the official from ECHOPNC, replace with

Files involving modifications: All PHP files in the folder "files overwritten directly"

1, enter the background set in the mutual million registered account and password, if the status: Normal Access interface, you can use SMS Function! If there is an exception, there is a hint of OH.

2, after installation, you can view the background of the sending records, for viewing whether normal, invalid, please check the solution first. If you have questions, please contact our customer service or visit the official Help Center

3, in the initial use, if your account is a test account, you can only send the default template content:
Your verification code is: "Variable". Please do not divulge the verification code to other people.
In this plug-in, you can test the registration function, the default is this template. can be sent normally!
"" Variable "can replace any content

Official users to modify and set up SMS

Two development programmers please see

If two times the development to send the letter, please after installation. The following code is called at the program node:
$sms = new SMS ();
$gets = $sms->send_arr (' Mobile phone number ', ' SMS content ');
Returns the array, status, and description see the < interface using the development documentation. DOC;:
$gets [' Code ']//The state returned by the interface
$gets [' msg ']//interface Returns the result description
$gets [' smsid ']//interface returns the message ID that was successfully sent
or call
$sms = new SMS ();
$gets = $sms->send (' Mobile phone number ', ' SMS content ');

Returns the character ' Ture ' or ' false '
' True '//sent successfully
' False//Send failed
SHOPNC mutual billion Wireless SMS plugin

"SMS Plugin" SHOPNCB2B2C e-commerce, SMS function development and application

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