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The plot of "Snow Country" is not complex. The story is written by a dance art researcher named shimayun in Tokyo who traveled to the Snow Country three times.

Hot Spring Hotel, an emotional tangle with a local girl named Yi Zi and the leaves of a girl who meet each other: shimao Village

He is a middle-aged man with children in his/her husband's room.

Western dance. He came to the Hot Spring Hotel in xuexiang and met the yiyaozi. She was attracted by her pure beauty and even

She thought her "every toe bend was very clean", and then she went to the Snow Country and the sister-in-law again.

The novel started from the second time in xuexiang. The son of the master Qinqin of the son is suffering from tuberculosis, and the leaves accompany him.

Return to tangze by train from Tokyo, just opposite to the island village where the second trip to the meeting was made. The island village uses the windows to enjoy the evening snow,

Seeing the beautiful leaves on the windows, I can't help but like this beautiful girl. Therefore, between him and the scorpion and the leaves

A subtle emotional relationship. The novel eventually ended with the accidental death of leaves.


In the novel, the plot of the train and the plot of the snow are exceptionally delicate and beautifully written.


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"Snow Country"-[Day] Chuan Duan Kang Cheng

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