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: Home Address of the latest version: automatically add friends on campus





About half a year ago, I wanted to learn how to use wtl for development. I wrote a small program: snsbrowser.
At that time, the idea was very simple, that is, after logging in, you can automatically add friends to the School Intranet, kaixinnet, domestic network, 5gme, and uchome.

At that time, we put it aside (with a lot of bugs.

I did not expect that the plug-ins of the SNS website are coming up faster than those of the SNS website recently. There is everything in these plug-ins, buy slaves, give your eyes and put your eyes on it. As a result, there is an SNS application, and there is an SNS application plug-in.
But these plug-insAdd friends automaticallyThe plug-in does not seem to exist, so my snsbrowser is also a bit of light, many people have mentioned it, and more friends send emails to ask more things.

The following describes how to use the SDK:

1. After snsbrowser is enabled, You need to manually log on to the snsbrowser (, Intranet, and 5gme ).
2. Select the website you just logged on to from the menu: SNS website list;
3. Click automatically add friend;
4. Sit down and have a cup of water and enjoy the increasing fun of your friends.
For 90% of SNS users, most people will say exactly what we use as real-name friends.
But for those who do online marketing ...... Just like lumaqq in the past, let's see what you are.



: Home Address of the latest version: automatically add friends on campus

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